What is there to do after a parent dies? Do you go back to normal? Pretend it never happened? It is not that easy. My dad died. Two weeks ago. So why do I remember it like it was yesterday?
That lady took his life. And mine as I knew it.
This is my story. How I was saved, and, who I saved in the process


1. Chapter 1

What is there to do after a parent dies? Do you go back to normal? Pretend it never happened? It is not that easy. My dad died. Two weeks ago. So why do I remember it like it was yesterday?

    We were driving down the street. We always would do that. My dad and I, I mean. It was a safe road. There was nothing to worry about. He was a good driver. You can't say the same for the one who hit us. It happened quickly. One moment we were singing along to pop music, the next my life was changed forever.

    She came from the left. I was in the passenger’s seat, next to my dad. It was an intersection. We were going across on our turn, when she barreled into us. There was nothing to do. Our car was flung into a fence, and then the airbags went off. I understood suffocation in that moment. The nylon pressed against my face as my body snapped forwarward. I couldn't take a breath. I could feel the panic bubbling inside me. The pressure building in my lungs. Once they deflated, I was able to look around. My head throbbed. I could hear my heartbeat. That was good. I had a heartbeat. Everything was a haze.

    Then I saw him. Everything focused. He wasn't breathing. Nothing moved. That lady had taken his life. And mine, as I knew it.

The next few days went by in a blur. I was in a hospital for all of them. Then it was therapy, Physical, and mental. After a few weeks, I could go home.

    Home wasn't the same. My mom seemed to be going crazy without dad. She was always muttering to herself about random things. I could barely make any sense of them out. I had wanted to go home, but now I wish I was back in the hospital. Especially so when I found out.

    “Taylor.” My mother barked at me.

    “Yes mom?” I asked, sitting at the kitchen’s island.

    “School is on monday. You are having hot lunch.” She told me, before leaving the room.

    I was left to ponder. Going back to school? The sound of it was awful. School was bad enough without what had happened. It was Friday. I had two more days until my doom.

    Saturday passed too quickly after being filled to the brim with appointments. Sunday was my only day to relax, and I spent it sleeping in my room, or sitting in my bay window.

    My room was not the smallest of my friends. It could fit my bed, nightstand, bookshelf, and had a bay window. My favorite place. I was on the ground floor of our two story house.

    Our house sat on the edge of a huge woods. I have only been at the most a mile into. After a brief experience when I had gone exploring, my dad told me there were wolves in the woods. Long story short; I didn't go out there again.

    All too soon, the day I had been dreading arrived, Monday. I didn't care enough to choose something cute to wear. I settled on a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and my combat boots. I pulled my crimson hair into a braid.

    An hour later, I was on the bus. I was the first stop, so the bus wasn't full. I easily found an empty seat near the back. I sat down, and put in my earbuds. I listened to my sad music and stared out the window. The world melted away.

    That was, until my earbud was ripped out of my ear.

    “Hey!” I exclaimed, turning around to face a girl that I recognized from my grade, Kaitlyn. On either side of her were two other girls. Elizabeth and Hope were their names.

    “Whatcha listenin too?” Kaitlyn asked, swinging my headphone around.

    “None of your business.” I snapped, grabbing my headphone back. Kaitlyn rolled her eyes.

    “Probably just some childish tune.” Hope piped up, to which Elizabeth nodded.

    “So, Taylor isn't it?” Kaitlyn asked.


    “I heard your dad died.” She stated, smirking. She was smirking. Like it was some kind of joke. I didn't respond.

    “Car accident wasn't it?” Elizabeth asked, and Hope nodded.

    “Yes, i'm sure he was just trying to get away from you.” Kaitlyn told me.

    I glared at them all. Kaitlyn flipped her light brown hair and went back to her seat, Hope and Elizabeth following after her.

    Eventually, the bus pulled into the school's parking lot. I was walking down the steps when I felt a pressure on my shoulder blades. I realized it was a hand, pushing me. I lost balance and found myself in a puddle at the base of the stairs.

    Then, I saw Kaitlyn, Hope, and Elizabeth walk past me giggling.
    “Ops, sorry Tay!” Kaitlyn called back at me. At that point, I knew it was going to be an awful day.

    An hour later, I was finishing up my math class. I had about five million pieces of homework to makeup from my absence in the hospital. To make things worse, this was only my first class. Then the bell rang. I hurried towards my next class, but was interrupted.
    “Hey loser!” A voice I had become too familiar called out. I let out a sigh, and turned around. None other than Kaitlyn herself was standing in front of me.
    “Did you need something?” I asked

    “I just wanted to check in, make sure you're adjusting nicely.” Kaitlyn responded sweetly.

    “I'm doing just fine, thanks though,” I told her as I turned  around and began walking.

    “Are you sure? Do you want help carrying anything?” She asked, darting up beside me.
    “I'm good.”

    “Oh come on, let me help.” Kaitlyn phrased in what sounded like a request. Then, before I could reply, she ripped my books from my arms. I began to protest, but she cut me off. “Oh no,” She looked at her pink bedazzled watch. “I'm late for class! I've got to run!” She told me with a smile, and then promptly dropped my books. She then proceeded to kick them out of her way. “See ya,” She called out.

    I scrambled to collect my books. I was a good ten minutes late, at the least. As I was about to grab my last piece of paper, a pair of shoes became visible in my sight. I pair of high heels. I looked up cautiously, hoping for the best. It was the worst. Looking down at me with a disgusted face was the school principal, Mrs. Ross.

    Her dark ebony hair was pulled into a tight bun, and her steel eyes were fixed on my blue ones. I gulped, and stood up slowly.
    “Good morning Mrs. Ross,” I muttered.

    “You are Taylor Gray, correct?” She asked. I nodded. “Why aren’t you in class?”

    “I uh, I was going there when I accidently dropped my items.” I fibbed, I didn't feel the need to say anything about Kaitlyn.

    “I will let you off with a warning this time Miss Gray, but next time I catch you out of class it will be a detention.”

    “Thank you Mrs. Ross.” I answered gratefully. She nodded.

    “Now, of to class.” The principal told me. I grabbed my last paper and ran down the hall.

    I walked into my Language arts classroom, and flopped into the only open seat. It was in the back, closest to the teachers desk. Perfect. Just what I needed, to be right next to the teacher. I let out a sigh as I got my things. Ten minutes later, I was working on the project that had been assigned the previous day by myself. Everyone else had already gotten a partner.

    Then, the teacher walked over to me. Mr. Thomas was my favorite teacher in the school. He was very understanding.

    “Hello Taylor. How are you this morning?” He asked, crouching by my desk. I could look straight into his sapphire colored eyes. They were filled with concern.
    “I’m okay.” I responded, even though I wasn't. He didn't need to know that.

    “If you need anything, let me know okay?” He offered me. I just  nodded and continued my work. He was the only teacher that day that didn't assign me a billion pieces of homework.

    The rest of the day trudged on. Luckily, I didn't run into Kaitlyn and her gang again. I ate lunch alone, played in P.E. alone, and then sat on the bus alone. Well, mostly alone. I had forgotten that Kaitlyn, Hope, and Elizabeth rode it too.

    They poked at me, called me names, pulled on my earphones, but then crossed the line. The grabbed my phone from my backpack.

    “Hey! Give that back!” I yelled, whipping around.

    “How about no?” Hope responded, to which the other two giggled.

“Oh, no password, perfect!” Elizabeth commented. Kaitlyn opened my phone with an evil grin. Then they began to type things. I tried to grab it back, but it was too late.
    “And… sent!” Kaitlyn told me triumphantly, turning around the phone for me to see. They had sent an text to my friend from Canada, Bethany. The text read ‘Hey! Just wanted to let you know, we can't be friends anymore. You annoy me. Kk, bye!’ My jaw dropped. She was my only true friend. Before I could even reach for my phone to grab it back and apologize, Kaitlyn was already in motion

I watched as she pretended to fumble my phone, and then dropped it out the open window.

“No!” I called out, starting to feel tears in my eyes.

“Opsies!” Kaitlyn said with a giggle. There wasn't anything to do. I

curled up into my seat and waited for the nearest stop.

“Oh, well this is our stop! Bye Taylor!” Kaitlyn said, with a smile spread across her face. She stood and left the bus, Hope and Elizabeth trailing after.

I got out too. I had to find my phone. I could only hope it was still working. I got off the bus after making sure that Kaitlyn or any of them wouldn’t see me. Then I started down the road. It couldn't be that far away.

After about ten minutes of walking, I came across my cracked phone. I scooped it up in my hands, and attempted to power it up. To my surprise, it did.

The screen was cracked straight down the middle. The image was fuzzy. I hurried into my messages and looked at Bethany’s contacts. I quickly sent an apology text explaining the situation, and told her that I wouldn’t be able to talk for a little while.

That was the moment I knew what I was going to do. I couldn't bear to go back to that school tomorrow. After everything that had happened to me, I there was no way I could face the bullies and school work.

I was going to walk home. I was going to pack my bags. Then I was going to wait till night, and leave through the window.


(AN: Well... Heres the first chapter. I have three more written at the moment, so if you want them, like or comment=) Toodles~ Willow))

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