Dream Dust



1. Chapter 1:

~~The whispers grew louder, as the storm was getting bigger. And the rain was heavier. The small village, with houses and small shops, was being torn apart. The darkness grew darker. The lights were dimming. A mother, cowering over her child. Telling him to stay quiet. The door slammed open. A black figure walked in. With a big white grin on his face. His fang glittered. She screamed, sheltering her young. Slash! They were both gone from existence.

~17 Years Later~

A wondering adventurer. Her long blonde hair swayed as she climbed down a cliff. A small child was crying on a ledge.
“Don't worry, I'm coming little one!” she shouted out to him. Her feet landed on the ledge gently. She held out her hand to him, her pale skin, her sky blue eye's. She smiled softly. He moved his hands from his face from crying. He jumped on her, hugging her tightly. “It's okay now. Your safe”.
As her hand reached the edge of the cliff, she pulled herself up, with the boy on her back. He was all battered and bruised from the fall. He was just lucky he didn't keep falling. He hugged her again before running off to his mother, who was waiting there silently for their return. She paid the young girl a reasonable amount for her worth and effort. She said it was fine and didn't want a bag of gold. But the mother refused to take it back. And walked away with her son. The girl looked at the bag, and tossed it about in her hand. Searching it for how much she got anyway.
“50 gold” she said to herself as she sat in a tree, waiting for nightfall, she smiled. “Someone else deserves this” she placed it in her satchel, and watched the stars. Her sword was strapped to her waist, and her dagger's in her boots. She was 17. And proud to be. She was an orphan. Raised on the streets. But survived. And would never accept money from someone, unless they refused to take it back. She was living her life in her eye's. Travelling. Hunting. Discovering new places. She loved being outside. But her biggest goal in life, was to destroy that darkness. The castle, at Fire Mountain. But for now, she wanted to sleep. Her eye's started closing. Her mind went into darkness.

As the sun started rising on the mountain and plains. The adventurer was rudely awoken by the smell of a mountain bear. Clawing the trunk of the tree below her. Followed by a forest fire. It was everywhere. She stood up on the branch. Scared out of her wits. Should she jump and run? No. The impact would slow her down. Climb further up the tree and wait for it to fall? No. Too risky. For once, she didn't know what to do. She looked around for a ledge or another tree. But it was too late. The fire had eaten every tree, and started to devourer hers. The bear was running off, on fire. She was scared. She did it anyway. She jumped from the tree, to the burning leaves on the ground. She landed wrong. On her tail-bone. She hissed in pain, but got up, running through burning bushes and falling logs of flames. She ran. Dodging, burning, and trying to survive. Her satchel became caught on a bush, which made her fall back with impact. Slamming her on her already injured tail-bone. She ignored the pain, and tried pulling the satchel free. Her hands were burnt and blistered. And bleeding. Her face was scratched and her lip was becoming swollen. A loud thundering sound came from in front of her. She looked up with shock. A tree started to fall towards her. She pulled and yanked on the satchel. SNAP. It was free, but the strap was broken. She didn't care, But she fell backwards again. On the tail-bone. She started to crawl, then got to her feet and started to run, but the tree tripped her, she scraped her arm and leg along hot coals, and sharp rocks. She screamed in pain. She had never endured this much pain before. She tried to crawl away, but couldn't move very far. Her vision was getting blurry. Her body trembled, and shook. She couldn't hear much, except for a few quick footsteps. She could feel the pain from her wounds, and the warmth of masculine arms picking her up, and the breeze from travelling at a fast pace. Then she blacked out.


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