A Dream Come True (JackSepticEye FanFic)

My dream has been to be able to meet Jacksepticeye and become a YouTuber like him. But I never knew that one video would change everything. My name is Katie Brown and this is my story.


1. Chapter 1: Introducing Myself

Hi there my name is Katie Brown I'm 14 years old and a big fan of Jacksepticeye. If you don't know who Jacksepticeye is he is an Irish YouTuber that plays Games and Vlogs. Jack's real name is Seán McLoughlin and in his videos he yells a lot so if you like people who scream at there computers he's the guy to watch. But let's get back to me the one thing I've always wanted to do after I started watching YouTube is become a YouTuber but I've always been afraid. I don't know what to do should I sing, do DIY tutorials, or play games. But today is when I decided to play a game and sing in the backround.

A/N: I know not a long chapter but when we get in the story it will be longer. I do have a YouTube channel I'll get a link soon but I only have one video. But I have been in a collab to I live a link when I get it thank you for reading and enjoy Chapter 2. Not a true story By The way.

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