A Dream Come True (JackSepticEye FanFic)

My dream has been to be able to meet Jacksepticeye and become a YouTuber like him. But I never knew that one video would change everything. My name is Katie Brown and this is my story.


2. Chapter 2: First Video

Katie's POV:

I decided to play Five nights at Freddy's: Sister Location and sing FNAF songs in the backround. So I began to play the first song I sang was Night 1 from FNAF The Musical. After that I did all the nights and then I reached the final night that's when the last song helped me the most. It's my favorite one of all time "Join us for a Bite by JT Machinima". Then after I finished the last night and the song I edit the video and then wait for it to publish. I fell asleep but one thing I didn't know is that when I woke up everything would change.

Jacks POV:

I was watching a bunch of FNAF videos when this one caught my eye. I click on it not expecting what was gonna happen. I then see a girl about 14 do an intro then explains what she will be doing. She said that she would be singing and playing. I them hear her singing voice I was mind blown until she sang the last and final song that's when it hit me. I needed to meet this young girl or find a way to talk to her so I scroll to the description of the video has a link to her Facebook and I click it. I friend this girl on Facebook and message her "Your video was amazing hope to see more reply when you see this."

-Time Skip Next Day-

Katie's POV:

I wake up to All the way playing on my phone alarm and I get up and check my social media I check SnapChat first nothing new except snaps from friends. Then I move on to Instagram and see pictures of some of my friends from other countries and some memes. Then I move onto twitter to see what people have tweeted at me but it's the usual follow me follow me and then I check my favorite one (true fact) Facebook. I see I have 5 new notifications I click on the notification bell and see I have been tagged in a picture that was taken at school the day before. I was also takes in two youtube videos with my friend and fellow beginner YouTuber. I then see one that catches my eye Seán Mcloughlin wants to be your friend. I think that's Jacksepticeye so I click on it and see the same description on any other social media with a check mark next to his name so I accept. Then a massage pops up saying "Your video was amazing hope to see more reply when you see this." I read it and reply "Thanks for your response I will make another video soon but I have homework so it will be awhile and I wanted to let you know your my favorite YouTuber and I would be honored to play a game with you."

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