Night mare of daydream

Beautiful drangerous violet eyes. Smirking and purple hair.Artemis fowl can't get her out of his head but at the same time waking up sweating from his dream about her.


1. I don't even know her name!

Artemis Fowl the second was not him self. He daydreamed during his studies and would asked people to repeat them selves. If the answer a circle he would say purple." I don't know what is wrong with him ". Angelina said." Let me talk to him". his father said. Artemis the first walked to the pale boy who was staring out the window."Artemis!" He exclaimed. The boy turned slowly from the window."Yes father?" He asked."What is wrong with you? You're waning on your studies and half the time spend your days by a window sill or sitting in you room staring into space!" His dad said." I'm bothered by someone". He confuses." Who is it!" Artemis the first asked."I don't know. I only see her in dreams". He said."  Your  

lovesick  ". His father concluded."

Yes I believe that's the word!"

Artemis blushed imbarest. " I tell you

what! Let's go to a car race and get

your mind off of that girl". Artemis

the second groaned. But it would be

nice to get out the house, he nodded

reluctantly. The Son and father sat

 drove to the Race studio a picked a

seat right in the front. As the car

racers went by Artemis fowl2  saw a

female racer that caught his eye. Her

head was covered by a helmet but

Artemis felt drown to her. He looked

like he was possessed. He walked

towards the tracked as the racers

honked their horns. He didn't hear

them he saw the girl race straight

towards him she slammed on her brakes and Artemis snapped back into place. Two other cars crashed into her. She was lividly angry.   Artemis fowl1 race to his Son." What in the world were you thinking?!" He yelled. The girl got out of the  car slamming the door off its hinges.  She stomped over to Artemis taking off her helmet. She had dangerous violet eyes but also beautiful, and short purple hair." What the hell were you doing let you self get killed !" She screamed." Artemis froze. It was her the girl from his dreams.


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