FNAF x Selena The Security Guard

A new Security guard named Selena is hired to work at Freddy Fazbears. She is 16 years old and a mystery to everyone there even the manger, but nonetheless she is a great security guard. Will she get close to someone there? And if so who is it?


1. First Day On The Job

  I get to work on time and I grab the keys and lock up the place and I see a note and it says, Welcome to Freddy Fazbears Selena. Now this place is strange after closing time, so I recommend that you stay in the office after you lock up. it is the best place for you to stay safe while it is dark out. There's more on the note but I ball it up and throw it away. I start to walk around the place to explore to make sure that nobody hid here after hours. When I get to the room where they put the costumes I see a girl in there and I say, "Get out of here now, no ones supposed to be here. Its closed." I help her up and she seems to be scared a bit so I hold onto her and I walk with her to the front door. I unlock it and she runs out and shouts to me, "Thank you!!" I smile at her and I say, "You're welcome!!" 

  I lock the doors back and I see the animatronic they call Chica standing right in front of me. I shrug my shoulders and I start to walk around it, then it grabs my arm and I punch it in the face. It lets go and holds its nose and says, "Owww!!! That hurt." I turn and I'm about to run away but I get hit in the head with something and I fall unconscious. I'm falling in and out of conscious and I hear people saying, "Bonnie, you weren't supposed to knock her out. You were just supposed to tie her up." I feel someone carrying me and I wake up completely but I act like I'm still knocked out. A couple minutes later they set me down and are about to tie me up. I open my eyes and I jump up onto the table next to me. I say, "How are y'all alive and why are you trying to tie me up?" The one I'm guessing is called Bonnie says, "And this is why I knocked her out so she couldn't do this." I roll my eyes and sit on the table then I say, "Is anyone going to tell me what's going on here?" Chica steps forward and says, "Oh, we're just trying to make sure you don't lock us all up in one room." I gasp and say, "Me lock you up? Never!! Also sorry for punching you in the face. You grabbed my arm after all, it was just instinct." She says, "Oh it's alright." I nod my head and I move my hair back in my eyes. Someone moves my hair from my face and I quickly close my eyes. Then someone says, "Ha!! She's scared to even look at us! No surprise there." I open my eyes and looks at them and then someone says, "We should probably introduce ourselves to her. I'm Golden Freddy, this is Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, Mangle, and this is Puppet." They all say hi except for Bonnie. I smile a bit and reply, "Nice to meet y'all. My name is Selena." Bonnie rolls his eyes and says, "That's a lie, no one ever thinks it nice to meet us." He walks off to a different room listening to music. I get off the table and sit down in a chair. We all start talking about random topics and make some jokes and laugh a bit. I stand up and walk around the room until I get to the speakers. I pull out my phone and hook it up to the speakers then I turn on the song, Welcome To The Family.







I walk over there and pull them all on the stage. I start dancing around and I tell them, "Come on!! Let's dance!!" They start dancing and Mangle turns up the music and we're all laughing and dancing, having a good time. We keep dancing then Bonnie walks in the room and turns off the music and shouts, "WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING?!?! I CAN'T EVEN HEAR MY MUSIC!!!!" Everybody steps back and I step towards him and I say, "We're having a good time and being nice. BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE BECAUSE YOU'RE BEING A LONER AND HIDING IN ANOTHER ROOM BY YOURSELF!!"    Everybody gasps and he takes a step back then says, "Come on guys, lets go." No one moves then Mangle says, "We're not leaving this room unless Selena comes with. This is the first time in a while that we've had fun. Everybody is happy but you. Why are you being like this?! She is nothing like Bella, SO LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" Mangle starts to cry and I pull her into a hug and rub her back until she stops crying. I notice Bonnie is gone and I smile at Mangle and she smiles back then I say, "How about we play Hide-And-Go-Seek?" She grins then says, "Yay!!! That sounds like fun." Everybody smiles in agreement and Golden Freddy says, "I'm it!!" He closes his eyes and starts counting. Everybody runs off to go hide and I do the same.   I'm walking around the hallways then someone pulls me inside a room. I look up and see that its Bonnie and I say, "Oh, its you." I go and sit down on the couch and he looks at me and says, "Mangle must really like you if she stood up to me like that." I nod my head and I say, "Yeah, but now I'm more interested in who this Bella girl is that she mentioned." He winces and says harshly, "It's none of your business." I shrug my shoulders and I shush him then I whisper, "Please be quiet, we're playing Hide-And-Go-Seek and Golden Freddy is it and he's done counting." Bonnie shrugs his shoulders and says, "Fine whatever." I hide in the closet and cover my mouth. I hear distant voices saying, "Aww, you found me." I close my eyes knowing it'll be a while before he finds me and I doze off to sleep.

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