First Time Ever (Sebastian Stan X reader)

You just got a call back for the movie you aditioned for, Avenger 3. Now it's time for the Table Read. You find out your playing Bucky's love interest and soon Sebastian's too!!
(Reader POV)
Clean fun love/frendship
No copyright intended


1. Turning Tables

I finally got the call back, I have been waiting for this moment for a lifetime. I was going to be in a movie, and not just any movie a Marvel movie. I did not know what part I got or even if I had any lines but it didn't matter this was my first movie ever and I was going do my best.
I could not stop smiling as a messed with my hair, curling it and fixing it to look as good as posable. I through on a dress, so happy it finally fit me.
It was time to leave, I grabbed my purse and drove to the stutio the whole time I drove I prayed that all would go well.

I got out of my car and ran up the steps looking at my watch, I had 10 minutes till the Table Read, but I always liked to be early.
I walked the hall and spotted a door that had "Cast Only" write on it. I stood there for a moment looked over at a picture on the wall and tryed to find my reflection so I could fix my hair, as I did so I took a deep breath looked back at the door and quality said "here we go".

The door opened to the sight of a large table and many chairs all ocupied, I stood there motionless taking in the faces of the people, all of them I knew ... well I did not KNOW them but I have seen their movies. Many of them looked up at me and smiled and others were talking to eachother not paying any mind that I was in the room.
I was intimated and stood their a few more seconds, Scarlett Johansson waved and then went back to reading her script.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked to my side a older man I knew as the director Stan Lee smiling and said "Hi, I'm Stan there is a seat over there next to Chris Hemsworth." I nodded I'm sitting by Thor!! I thought to myself, I looked the room over again to see Chris looking at the script and then a hand lifted high behind his large frame waving me over. I walked over to see the man that had his hand up it was SEBASTIAN STAN!! My heart raced as I walked over to him and took my seat. I looked down at the script with my name on it and then the character's name I'd be playing under it.
"Hi I'm Sebastian " he broke the silence, I looked up and took in his eyes and then said the dumbest thing that came out of my mouth "I know!" I said. I rolled my eyes and sighed "I'm sorry." He smiled "It's fine, is this your first movie?" I nodded "I was nervous the first time I worked with these guys too, but by the second day they were like family."he said.
I smiled and looked back down at my script to find my line, I found it and then notest there was more the one, I quickly turned the pages seeing my characters name over and over... I was in the whole movie!!
I jumped out of my seat when I hears a hand clap and Stan Lee say "alright let's start the read through."


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