The wolves of power

This story is about wolves that have powers. They have been on dangerous missions before but nothing like this. Four brave wolves will take charge and brave the quest for a safer hideout.


1. Meet Lucy

Black flame fly in the cold crispy air as I run. My silver fur fluttering in the wind. My family called for me as I jumped over the river. Then I see lightning from....... Jack’s mouth. I feel my anger build up and my black flames rise. The more I run the more I see what’s happening. My home slowly crumbling under flames and lightning. My heart skips a beat when I see my mom jump off of sky hill and land on her side. I see her get up and atack jack. I run up to the field where the yellow, pink, purple and blue flowers bloomed and where the butterflies fluttered in the morning sun. Where deer graced on the green grass. But know it’s gone. Only red orange flames fly in the wind. I walk trough the flames to see water hit them. With a loud howl I see jack fall. His fur reden form the blood of his neck. He says something to my mom and pass. “Lucy! Thank heavens your safe.” My mom runs up to me nagging her head into my neck. Her fur ruffled from the fight. “Where’s dad?” I ask pulling away. “On sky hill taking care of the Earth the best he can.” “Ok I’ll get Blackthorn. He can help.” I say looking at the cold dark starless sky filled with smoke and flames. “Ok dear. Be safe and cheak on your father for me I’ll help tame the fire.” She says walking away.

I go to the edge of the forest looking into it. “Darkthorn? You there my dad needs some help.” I wait a minute to see if he comes out of the woods. But not a movement. I turn around but in my surprise he’s right behind me. “FOR THE LOVE OF!” I call out. “Sorry let’s go these woods aren’t safe at night.” And with that we leave.

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