Posiden's Kid

Meet Marine, A girl given to half blood camp as a baby and disappeared showing up in random places, the girl also won't accept her father Posiden . so his Claiming mark flashing a pond her head about every 30 seconds unless she's around a mortal event


1. Prologue

The Baby girl with bright blue eyes spew saliva down her chin in Chiron's   arms. Kathrine Vance a middle age woman gave him the baby for she could not take care of her. As the baby got older a grew up in Camp half- blood she learned to carry a sword and she always wore Greek braces on her wrist. One day at age nine she was claimed by her father.instead of being glad she felt used and unfair. she turned away refusing to admitted Posiden  was her father.  Why Dont you think his your father? He is my father but hes not my daddy. She said to Dionysus one day. many Demigods ignored him, but this one played pranks like she was the kid of Hermes,trashed talked like she belonged to Ares, broke hearts like Aphrodite,played poker like himself,thought like a Athena,had anger like Zeus, And loved the water like Posiden, she had a bunch of Godly traits in her. from that day on her Claiming sign would appear so often to annoying  her into excepting her father . One day she vanish. Chiron knew she was alive he could feel it but where she was stayed a mystery.  

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