Aspid [art]

An art for the "Monster Story Marathon" Competition. Aspid from Slavic mythology.


1. The legend of Aspid

Long ago, far in a mountain valley, lived a serpent. He flew up to the sky, above the bare rocks. His motley wings were so large, that on his walks they completely covered the moon from people down on the earth. On the moonless night villagers hid themselves at their houses, fearing that the serpent was the cause of the darkness.

Never could he land on the ground – gods forbade this abhorrent creature to ever sit on the earth, because everything he touched became poisonous and rotten.

People called him Aspid. They said he had a beak instead of a mouth and two trunks. He was blacker than the blackest blackness but, as the light fell on his scales, they played with various colours.

​Aspid was strong and horrid, nevertheless, he had a weakness. He hated the loud sound of trumpets. Barely the instruments started to play, mad and horrified, the serpent tried to cover his ears with the trunks. He was crushing the rocks on his way, causing rockfalls, until he hid himself in the farthest corner of his cave. Even then he had to listen to the trumpet echo until it vanished.



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