Diary Of Clara-Faye Denswell

Being a teen can be tough sometimes. This story is about Clara-Faye, and the things she goes through,


1. 1st Day As A Teenager!!!

Dear Diary                                                                        Sunday morning during Church

I'm sitting in Carter Baptist Church, I hate church, and I know that hate is a strong word, but I do. It reminds me that I'm a sin for liking girls and only girls. I can't go back there and face it again. they stand up there and ramble about how if God wanted girls to be together, he would've created just girls, and if he wanted guys to be together he would've created just guys, ugh i'm sick of it. Every Sunday, morning and night, and Wednesday nights, Mum dresses me and has to force me out the house. Ugh, four more years and i'll be out of this god damned house, for once, I would just like to have some freedom..................

                                                                                            Love: Clara- Faye Denswell!   


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