My words



1. my words don’t speak for me

Your hands climb up The tree that is my body even though I push your hands away nothing has changed all you can think about is getting naughty even though I say no you will not go because my words don’t speak for me it must’ve been my clothes and even though i scream no my words still do not speak for me I tried to run away maybe you didn’t hear me so scream and cry as my hands are shaking I start to get sweaty I am getting dizzy everything is literally spinning There went from 1 of you to 4 and now I don’t know which one is really you so I look straight I can barely speak but I’m able to murder one more thing,stop ,But my still can’t manage to speak for me I don’t get it why can’t nobody here me and my Voice is literally echoing why won’t anyone help me because I am an object so you speak to me and you said it’s OK so this must not be rape so you will get away and after this I’ll be slut shamed I should be ashamed that I will drop my pants any guy comes along but I am ashamed I’m ashamed that I didn’t start fighting I am ashamed that i started crying I am ashamed I would let this happen to me that I would let you steal my innocence

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