A tale for the Rose

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  • Published: 1 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 1 Jun 2018
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Read the magical and romantic tale for the rose.

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Once lived a Persian king who won his latest battle and in honor of his victory, he desired to build an enormous mosque, through which to see from all angles his rose gardens . For this purpose, the king needed a skilled builder. He addressed his plea to all builders in the kingdom by promising that if once the mosque has been erected, he will implement three wishes to the builder. Nothing happened in the next days. None of the builders had the courage to do the task because they were afraid that if the Persian king doesn't like the mosque, they will be severely punished. Only a Bulgarian builder stepped forward and decided to do the job because he was inspired by the balmy rosy and thorny flowers that were all around. He had a soft spot for roses and dreamed one day,in his own country, to has such a beautiful view. But work couldn't wait, so, with his strong hands, stone by stone, the Bulgarian master builder erected a spectacular mosque, suitable for the king's high standards. It took him an year. And now was time for the three wishes to be done, as promised. The Persian king thanked him for the great work and listened carefully: -First, dear king, I'd like for you to release the Bulgarian captives and second-to give them as much money as the mosque costs. -I'll do that, builder, now tell me what is your third wish?-said the king -I want your precious daughter for a wife, king!-answered the Bulgarian master builder. When hearing this, the Persian king got angry and threw the builder into the dungeon. He thought he could prevent the marriage that way but what he didn't know was that his daughter, the princess of Persia, was head over heels in love with the handsome builder. During the year of building the mosque, the princess observed secretly the Bulgarian and loved him a lot. In her mind, she decided long ago to elope him and run away with him. At night, the princess visited the master builder in the dungeon,holding a rose bush only in her hand and a small key. When she released him, the princess kissed the man and asked him this rose bush to be planted in his country,Bulgaria. -I will-he replied-and you will be my rose forever! For centuries, the small Balkan country is world famous for its fields of roses and rose oil. Every luxurious perfume in the world has a Bulgarian rose in its ingredients. The queen of flowers chose to live, breathe,spread its aroma and to decorate people bodies and vases nowhere else but in the ancient land of Bulgaria.
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