Consequences after Dreaming

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  • Published: 15 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 15 Jun 2018
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At-Hem is the source. Everything he dreams becomes reality on his planet, so he must be careful what he dreams. Signs and people show him he is the greatest leader ever born. Can he wake up from his dreams?

1. 1.

   At-Hem's first meeting with the Librarian couldn't be described with words. There was something fatherly in his behavior. The Librarian was painting the entrance of the temple of books and so everything inside and out was covered in white sheets.

-You speak, tell me something about yourself and I will paint!-urged he At-Hem.

While the young man was telling his dream, the presence of the Librarian was so unnoticed. At- Hem feels like he was telling the details of the dream to himself but out loud.

At-Hem used the moment when the Librarian was busy and with his back to him and took the one end of the sheet but there were no books below. He wondered where were the books. Instead, in the temple of books, there is a marble sculpture of a man, all covered in tiny words.

-This guy has a lot to say! He's like a living scroll!-thought At-Hem but couldn't answer himself what this sculpture means.

The young man couldn't stop himself but asked the Librarian why all the books were gone and where they were. The Librarian pretended he didn't hear the question and continued with his paint job.

At-Hem went near the window and saw the garden and saw some workers. He felt disappointed being around the Librarian and decided to go. But at the door the keeper of the books looked him in the eyes and said:

-Don't drop the thread you're holding and come here again soon!

At-Hem was expecting more from this meeting but he couldn't deny after it, he felt relieved and less confused and the tension that impulsively drove him to leave his planet, was gone now. At-Hem was daydreaming about a garden, the same one the Librarian has and how to make his planet a better place for living. For the first time he was joyous to be home, a galaxy away from the life of the Librarian.

At-Hem was running with unexplainable ease bare-footed on the grass, shouted full lungs and after he got tired, lied down on the ground and slept. His dream continued from the moment it ended-he was covered with Rea's veil and was lying motionless on the soil. In his dream, At-Hem looked through the veil and saw some bird. A falcon. The bird was trying to tell him something. While he was watching the flight of the falcon, another noise from flying wings came. It was an ossifrage. The two creatures began a fight. At-Hem was watching the strange dream and after a second realized that the fight between the birds will end the way he wanted. And tested it. At-Hem wanted the falcon to win and the events obeyed his wish. The ossifrage flew down without one eye.

Then the falcon roamed a little and pointed itself toward At-Hem. Within seconds in the air the falcon transformed itself into a beautiful white bird with two feathers which appeared themselves from its chests. The white bird managed to hold up the veil with its beak, like it was Rea who is leaning toward him, and told him with tender voice:

-Get up...

At-Hem did get up and the dream was over. At-Hem looked around himself and saw a dew. And fire-flies. He wanted to find the white bird and remembered that Rea once told him that whatever he experiences in his dreams will find it on the planet.



                                                                                          . . .


  The young dreamer was happy with what he has. Until recently he didn't believe he could find the thread of life. When the Librarian told him a while ago not to drop the thread he was holding, At-Hem considered this sentence more as a politeness than reality.

At-Hem couldn't keep his eyes from the white bird that was really on his planet. He could watch it for hours flying and making shrieking sounds. Soon the twilight arrived with the mantra of the crickets.

The young man woke up and visited the Librarian once more. The room the keeper of books was yellow and spacious. It began raining outside. The murmur of the rain was like silent singing. It didn't last for long and very quickly the gray clouds made way to the sun. A falcon came out of nothing and perched on the window. The Librarian looked it and said:

-A predatory bird with a hunting passion to Life. It is hunting the Life. It sees beyond Death. There are birds keen on death but this one loves Life. We call it Bac-H.

At-Hem was ruminating about his life. It was like a glass that someone tumble it and the liquid inside spilled and only few drops remained at the bottom.

And here it is now-somebody is fighting for his life- a woman and a bird, a bird and a woman. A woman who wasn't like the other ones because she flew away like a bird.


  It was dry and windless on his planet. He slept and dreamed again. This time At-Hem was walking among dunes. A woman was dancing in the distance. He believed it was Rea. The place where the woman was dancing was like a dark spot. At-Hem checked it and it turned out to be a hole with water. A natural well. He was like a little child in front of his discovery because he could refresh himself.

At-Hem saw his reflection into the water when a slight wind moved it. When the surface calmed down, there were some black lines in his face, reflected in the water. He looked his body and hands out of the water but everything was normal. The black signs that covered him were there only when he was seeing himself into the water. What kind of miracle was that? At-Hem considered the idea of a flawed reflection but such phenomenon was still nowhere recorded on any planet and space.

At-Hem thought about the marble sculpture of a man in the library. Then, he saw it a s a fiction but now after this experience, the young dreamer formed the idea of someone who just like him saw himself in a flawed reflection in a well in the desert and after that never remained the same.

At-Hem reached his eyesight to the surface of the water one more time and this time the black lines that covered him started shining and began to move, forming figures and words. He saw something familiar. The two birds fighting, the veil, Rea...... The figures and words depicted his dreams, his visions, his experiences. All the choices he did through his lifetime so far. It was just amazing.

At-Hem wished to submerge whole into the water and to wash away his fears. He wished for a new life. Under the surface, the well was vast. He expected to be dark inside but the water was azure blue. Like it wasn't a well anymore. He found himself on the other side of the well. The place was different but somehow the same. There was a piece of bread on the ground. At-Hem took it, ate from it and woke up from the chirping of birds. The morning was brighter and clearer than every other morning before.  

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