An exclusive from the Future

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  • Published: 27 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 27 Jun 2018
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In the future all will be different. Read the story and see my version of events.

1. 1.

   -How did you say your name is?

-Joshua Evans, I work in the PR department of the British company CompFiction. It makes research in the artificial intelligence area.


The man was about 30 years old, standing in front of my apartment. I invited him in.

-I haven't heard about that company. It's a rather small one, I presume.

-It's normal for you not to heard of it but CompFiction will grow bigger, trust me.

-Of course!-what else I expect a PR expert to say. Do you like coffee?

-No thank you. Let's get straight to my purpose being here.


I invited Mr. Evans to sit on the sofa in the living room. For the first time a foreign PR person came in front of the door of my home and that really surprised me. All this was strange but I didn't expect what other surprises the man has prepared for me.

-Mr. Stoev, I am here to invite you to a CompFiction press conference that will take place in London.

-That's wonderful but why didn't you phone me or write me an e-mail? And when it will be?

-When is a complicated question but it will be good if we go now.

-Ha,ha, cool! You don't expect to give up everything and to go with you to London just like that, do you?

-I assure you we will go back in no time and you won't miss your meetings.

-Tell me you're joking, Mr. Evans!


The cell phone was by me and I seriously considered the option to call the police. The man with the crazy idea followed my eyesight and replied:

-Sorry! It's alright to think I am loon and that's why I'll be sincere with you-the press conference I mentioned you about will be held in the future, from perspective of now. I was sent to invite you and accompany you during this, I suppose, very bizarre for you travel, and after it to turn you back to 2018.

-Ha, ha, the future ,you say...

-That's right-2060!

-You know, you made me laugh this time. So, some British company from the future decides to invite a journalist from the present to be at its conference and among all journalists and editors in the world, you decided to pick an unknown journalist from Bulgaria? I hope you realize this sounds more than ridiculous!

-Are you Petar Stoev from

-Aha, the site is mine!

-So, there is no mistake!

-Of course there is no mistake and we will be traveling toward the big bright future, hm...your future-exclaimed I with irony.

-In less than 15 minutes. You still have time to prepare yourself.


I laughed again. I intended to ask as a joke whether to call a cab and what exactly to say to the driver about our final destination, but gave up on that idea. Instead, I decied to simply say:

-OK. I am ready!

-Are you sure? You didn't take anything to take notes on.

-I have a dictating machine in my phone. I don't need anything else.

-Well, if you are completely sure-the foreigner who named himself Joshua came closer to me, pull a tiny tablet out of his pocket, pushed a few buttons on its screen and looked at me:

-All will last less than a minute and you won't feel anything heavier than a slight faint.

-You know, it doesn't sound very original-I smiled-I expected at least to put me in a strange-looking car, drove by some nut professor with long white hair but if this is a kind of original PR campaign and the purpose is to demonstrate in front of me this tiny tablet, I confess that the idea is good. It really looks like coming from the future.


I have received all sorts of invitations by PR agencies and their clients, including girls, dressed in Medieval clothes and even violin players. Why not a ''guest from the future'' who shows me the latest info gadgets. But then I decided to play it smart:

-If what you say is true and we could travel in time , wouldn't it lead to space rupture-time continuum and destruction of the whole universe?

-Don't worry about it, Mr. Stoev, scientists in my time found out it cannot happen. I wouldn't take any risk if there was the slightest problem. It seems that the universe has its ways to correct the changes done back in time and to preserve itself. Besides, we've done this before many times.


I couldn't think more and remained silent in expectation my fellow from the future to take the initiative and say something. I continued to stay and became slightly impatient. My smile disappeared from my face.

Unknown to me, everything around us changed and all of a sudden we found ourselves in a round white room with blue light, covering the whole ceiling. I don't remember how how much time passed before I realize I am not dreaming. I pointed my eyes toward the PR expert and he just smiled and nodded. I was feeling slightly dizzy. I looked around again and tried to say something, but I couldn't. The strangest thing in the whole situation was the speed it all happened. No preparation, no strange passings through tunnels, familiar from the films and video games. It was just real....

I probably would remain there forever if the door against us wouldn't have opened and Jason invited me to step out of it. I was first, then he followed me, and together we found ourselves in a vast and lit lobby. A nice black-haired girl looked at us, congratulated us in British English and invited us to approach nearer.

-Hello, Mr. Stoev, we've been expecting you. Here are the temporary stay documents for 2060. You have the right to go everywhere but only within the day. At the end of it, you will have to come back here to sure your travel back in your time. Have a nice stay!

-Yes....the comeback-said I and received two plastic cards-my I.D. card and the journalist pass for the press conference

-Thank you! I guess we are really in the future, right?

-It looks so. Today is 12 January 2060, 10:30 a.m., London, Great Britain, New Gate Street, the headquarter of Time Travel-the first licensed travel in time operator in the world. We have about 2 hours before the start of the press conference, so I suggest we should go drink coffee in that place outside, while I organize some detail for your participation in the event.


We went out the street and my wonder was even bigger when I noticed we are in a normal London street, with traditional buildings, traffic-lights and double-decker buses. There were no flying cars or futuristic edifices, nor even humanoids. Yes, it was different and surely there was less street traffic but overall it was the same London town I visited 5 years ago my time.

I and my PR friend sat in a fast-snack restaurant. I ordered myself a coffee with milk and he pushed several buttons on the touchscreen, attached to the table. While waiting for our order, Jason pulled out a strange little device, the size of a box of matches, out of his pocket, pushed the only button on it and leave it on the table before him. What happened was astonishing. The little box began swiftly changing itself, a black cloud of small particles appeared and started changing the small gadget.

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