Fawn Raines has had a bad experience at schools all her life. Never feeling quite normal. Freshman year of high school, everyone seemed intent on calling her Witch. But what happens when she actually does get powers? Or when she learns that her parents aren’t quite who they seem? What happens when she gets a letter of admission to Spellbound academy. A school for hybrid shapeshifter mages? Will she choose to stay in the life she was finally starting to control, or will she choose to go? Either way, adventure awaits.


4. Chapter 4: The Turning Tides

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”


-Harriet Beecher Stowe


I whipped around to see Jax staring at me. 

“I know you’re a dracowolf.” He said, “Saw you flying. Must say it’s been a while since I’ve seen a magic elemental. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone-”

“Then why creepily sneak up on me?” I interrupted.

He shrugged, “Cuz it’s fun.”

The death cat bell.

Jax and I walked over to a group that had formed around Smoak. 

He stood up on a metal box and silenced us, “Welcome to dragon training. As many of you know, dragons are a large part of the Spellbound curriculum. And as sophomores this year, you get to raise a dragon of your own. They will be fully grown in five months and able to use breath attacks in ten months. In the meantime, you will be training in swordplay, dragon magic, and dragon bonds. And before any of you start getting excited, dragon magic is not spirit magic. Dragon magic is an energy that flows between dragon and rider, taking the form of the dragon’s element. I am a shadow dog, but I can also control and produce fire using dragon magic.” He said, summoning a small green flame in his hand. There were a few ooh’s around the room, “Now.” He said, “You’re not here to listen to me ramble. You’re here to get your dragon. Follow me to the hatchery.” He turned and started leading us through the stables until we came across large golden double doors, Balerion following close behind, “When you walk inside, you will almost instantly know which egg is yours. You will feel so drawn to the egg that everything else in the room seems to drift away. Now, who’s first?” 

Every single person raised their hand. 

Smoak chuckled, “Eve?” 

A girl with black hair and silver eyes smiled before heading through the doors. A few minutes later, she came back with a green egg that looked like leaves were wrapped around it. One by one, the class went in and got their eggs.

“Jax?” Smoak asked.

Jax saluted Smoak and walked through the doors. After a few minutes, he came back out carrying a bright pink egg. 



 I couldn’t help but laugh, the bright pink was really hurting his bad boy look. I don’t think he realized that though. He came back over to me and I ran my hand along his egg, feeling the texture. I could feel energy coming off of it. Not heat, like some of the other eggs, but a relaxing energy that reminded me of spring. 

“Fawn?” Smoak asked after a few more people had gone. 

I nodded at him and walked through the portal-like golden doors. The first thing I saw were the bright colors from the dragon eggs. The eggs were grouped together by color. Then all the hay. Each nest was surrounded by hay. There were four or five eggs in each nest. I also noticed the warmth and the soft sunlight seeping in through the window. My eyes scanned the eggs until I noticed one nest with white-silver eggs. I looked at each egg before feeling a pull so strong towards one of the eggs that I almost fell over. I walked over to the nest and ran my hand along the egg that caused my almost face plant. It looked no different than the other white-silver eggs in the nest, but I could tell that this egg was different. This egg was everything. This egg was meant for me. I picked up the egg and walked out of the hatchery. 


Smoak smiled at me as I walked back to Jax. 

“Mine’s cooler. Pink is the best color ever.” Jax said, starring at his egg.

Okay, so bad boy rep is completely ruined. I thought.

“Agreed.” Rhearn spoke up, “That’s definitely not ‘bad boy.’ Sure is cute though.”

I rolled my eyes as the last person came out with an orange dragon egg. 

“Now that you all have your eggs, I’d like your attention for a few minutes.” Smoak said as everyone looked up at him, “Your eggs will hatch in a few days now that you’ve activated your bond. When your dragons hatch, they will be all one color. They will gain more colors as they grow. Once your dragons hatch, you will have a telepathic bond with them. In about a month you will be able to communicate with words. Before then, you will only be able to send emotions down your tethers. Now the bell is about to ring and I suggest you all head back to your dorms before dinner.” He said, dismissing us as the death cat bell rang. 

“So,” Jax said on the way down the stairs. 

“So,” I replied.

“Is water the only element you’re learning how to use? You should be learning how to use all your powers.” He said casually.

“I can’t exactly start using spirit magic or randomly changing my element, now can I?” I said.

“No.” He said, dragging out the o, “At least not here anyway. We can meet at the forest entrance during our free period. I know a place in the woods where we could practice your powers-”

“Wait what?” I asked, stepping in front of him.

He rolled his eyes, “I said, there’s a place in the woods where we could practice your powers.”

I shook my head, “I know what you said.”

He rolled his eyes again, “Then why’d you ask?”

“Becuase why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Becuase I want to help you.” He said.

I looked at him suspiciously. The only person who’d ever even considered helping me through anything was my mother. Everyone else seemed to hate me. They wanted me to suffer. I subconsciously put a hand over my left wrist, covering the scar I had given myself at my lowest. 

“What? Is it that weird that someone wants to help you?” He asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Yes,” I said before turning away from him and marching down the stairs.

I faintly heard Jax mumble an, “Okay,” before following me down.


    I finally managed to find my way to my dorm, dang this awesome giant castle. Still carrying my egg, I walked into my dorm and Ara saw sprawled out on the couch, asleep. I also saw a pedestal with a miniature dragon nest on it diagonal from my bed. Looking down at the dragon egg in my hand, I placed it on the pedestal. I looked at the egg proudly before falling into my own bed. I chilled for a while and did some homework. Mr. Greene had us reading on different dragon slayer attacks and how they adapted to each element. 

    I’d finished my homework a few minutes ago and was watching some random Game of Thrones theory video when the silence shattered.

“OH MY GOD, FAWN! IS THAT A DRAGON?!” Ara screamed.

“Technically, it’s an egg,” I said, matter of factly. 

“It looks so coooooool.” She said, “I don’t take dragon training till tomorrow.” 

“What classes did you have today?” I asked as I put my laptop away. 

“All the normal school stuff. Pretty boring.” She said, shrugging. 

“I have that tomorrow,” I said, already dreading it. I got to a school for shifter mages and they go and ruin it by making me take math. 

“But I have dragon training first thing tomorrow. I’m so excited I can hardly wait.” She said before doing a little happy dance and a squeal.

I chuckled, “I’m excited for you.”

“How long till your egg hatches?” She asked.

“Smoak said a few days,” I replied, looking at my egg. 

“Are you excited? I’m excited.” Ara said excitedly.

“I’m excited.” I laughed.

We talked for a while until my stomach started rumbling, quite loudly, I might add.

“Do you want to head into town for dinner?” Ara asked.

“What town?”

“There a town about a ten-minute flight from here.” She said, grabbing her bag.

“Sure,” I said, grabbing my own bag, “But what are we flying?”

“Right, I forgot you weren’t here last year.” She said as we left our dorm, “You train pegasi when you’re a freshman since they don’t trust you to have a dragon yet.” She said slightly annoyed, “I’m sure one of the school pegasi will let you ride them.”

“Sounds cool,” I said. I’ve grown up riding horses, how different can this be? Knock on wood.

“Uh, you know how to ride, right?” She asked, looking at me.

I shrugged, “Horses, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

She nodded, “It’s not that different, just don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights.”

I laughed as we left the castle and started walking through a courtyard, “Heights are an old friend.”

“Good.” Ara said, opening large barn doors, “Becuase we’re here.”

“Wow,” I said. It was the biggest barn I’d ever seen. I mean I guess it makes sense because it is a castle and all. But like wow. There were pegasi off all different colors and breeds. A flea-bitten grey one even looked like he was dancing. 

“Wow indeed.” Ara said, “You can pick out a pegasus while I get saddles.” She said before disappearing into the tack room.

I started walking down the barn, running my hand along the stalls. Most of the pegasi didn’t acknowledge my presence, but a few whinnied my direction. I stopped when I saw a sign that read, ‘school pegasi,’ I touched the sign and walked into the school pegasi area. I heard a whinny and turned to see a bay pegasus. Her nameplate read, ‘Penny.’

“Hey, girl,” I said, letting her sniff my hand, “Wanna give me a ride to town?” I asked. 

Penny ‘nodded.’ 

I laughed and put her halter on and led her towards the tack stalls. Ara was there with a beautiful buckskin stallion.

“Penny’s a good choice. I learned how to ride on her.” Ara said as she secured her pegasus in the tack stall.

“I learned to ride on a horse named Chief. We don’t have pegasi where I’m from.” I said. 

“Well, this is Spirit.” She said, patting her pegasus on the shoulder. 

“Hi, Spirit,” I said as I started to tack up Penny. It wasn’t that different than normal horses. A few minutes later, we were tall tacked up and ready to go. 

“Follow me,” Ara said, leading me out to the courtyard, “You ready?” She asked before getting on Spirit. She used Spirit’s wing to help her up. I did the same with Penny and got settled in the saddle. It was a bit strange having wings attached to a horse, but new dimension I guess, “I faceplanted the first time I got on.” She said, “Anyway, let’s go.” She said before nudging Spirit into a lope. I did the same with Penny. We only loped for a few minutes because the pegasi lifted off the ground, soaring around the courtyard. 

“Okay, this is pretty cool,” I said. 

“Come on,” Ara said, turning away from the castle, “The town’s this way.”

Penny followed naturally. I guess that’s why she’s a school horse - er - pegasus. 


    The flight was amazing. We flew over some mountains for the first few minutes, then we flew down into a valley and I saw the town. It was so small, it looked amazing. I love small towns. One reason I hated home. I lived in Portland, Oregon with my mom. The city was just so huge, and I always felt like I was breathing in smaug. But here, here the air was fresh. It was pure. The town was small. There were mountains and forests everywhere. It was amazing. Spirit and Penny started to dip down and I saw the town more clearly. It actually looked a lot like Crested Butte, Colorado. My mom and I used to go there when I was younger. We flew down and landed right in the middle of the street. I guess that was normal here.

“How was your first flight?” Ara asked. 

“Amazing.” I said, “And so is this town.”

“Welcome to Starsky.” She said, holding her arms out. 

“Thanks.” I laughed.

“I know the best burger place.” She said, nudging Spirit into a trot. I followed after her, “Uh, you do like burgers, right?” 

I laughed, “What kind of person doesn’t like burgers?”

She laughed too and stopped Spirit at a sign that said, ‘Bob’s Burgers.’

“We’re here.” She said, jumping off Spirit and tying him on the post. 

“It smells so good,” I said, jumping off Penny and tying her next to Spirit. 

“Just wait till you taste it.” She said, pulling me through the door. 


    “Table for two?” The hostess asked. 

Ara nodded, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Right this way.” The hostess said, leading us to a booth and handing us menus.

“Thank you,” I said as we sat down. I looked at my menu, finding what I wanted almost instantly. I’m glad that Prair isn’t that much different than Earth. The food is all the same which is good. 

“Hello, my name’s Allison and I’ll be your server today. Can I start you off with any drinks?” Our waitress, Allison asked. 

“Can I have a lemonade?” Ara asked. 

“Of course, and you?” Allison said, gesturing to me. 

“I’ll just have water.” 

“I’ll be right back with your drinks,” Allison said before hurrying back to the kitchen. 

“This place is so nice,” I said to Ara.

“It is.” She said, “Best burgers in all of Prair. 

“Here you are.” Allison came back with our drinks, “Are you ready to order or do you need a minute?”

“I’m ready if you are,” I said.

Ara nodded, “I’ll have a plain hamburger, meat and bun only, and a side of fries.” 

Allison nodded and wrote down her order before looking at me. 

“I’ll have the bacon burger with a side of truffle fries,” I said.

She wrote down my order and took our menus, “The food will be out as soon as possible.” She said before walking away.

“I can’t wait to get my dragon,” Ara said.

I laughed, “I can tell.”

She rolled her eyes, “Shut up, you already got yours.”

I chuckled, “And you’ll get yours first thing tomorrow.”

“I know, but I want to see what my egg looks like, is it green, purple, orange, white, tan, grape, tangerine, watermelon, raspberry-”

“Okay, now you’re just naming fruits,” I said, laughing. 

“Maybe, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a dragon made of raspberries?” She asked.

“I sure would be interesting.” 

We laughed.

“Excuse me.” Someone said, I looked up to see an old woman with grey hair and kind eyes, “Are you girls talking about dragons?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am, we are. You see my friend Fawn here got her dragon today and I’m so excited to get mine.” Ara said.

“Are you girls students at the Academy?” She asked.

I nodded, “Yes, ma’am.”

She sighed, “My son went to Spellbound Academy. He was always such a dragon boy. So when we found out he was a shifter, I went straight to enroll him. I don’t think I’d ever seen him happier than the day I told him he was going to Spellbound.” She smiled at us, “He still hasn’t left. After he graduated he became a teacher. I believe he teaches the dragon classes now.”

“Your son is PROFESSOR SMOAK?” Ara shouted, causing many heads to turn in our direction before they shrugged and went back to their conversations.

The old woman smiled, “Well you girls enjoy your night, I believe my granddaughter is waiting for me.”

“Goodbye,” I said as she walked away, causing her to turn and smile. She was so kind. 

After that, Ara and I ate our food and headed back to our dorm. We were both exhausted, but she wouldn’t be going to sleep anytime soon because of her excitement. I, on the other hand, looked at my egg, said goodnight to it like a normal person and got in bed, passing out immediately. Right as I was falling asleep, I realized I had math first thing in the morning. Oh well, I’ll deal with it tomorrow. Right now, sleep…………



I woke to the sound of an alarm blaring in my ears. I put my pillow over my head and tried to go back to sleep.

“I GET MY DRAGON TODAY!” Ara screamed, completely destroying any chance I would have of falling back to sleep, “Fawn, get your lazy butt out of bed.” A pillow was thrown at my back.

“But it’s so early.” I groaned and sat up.

“Actually, we only have fifteen minutes till breakfast.” She said before starting to get changed.

I slowly got up and changed into a navy blue flannel shirt, silver jean shorts and some black converse. I tucked the front of my shirt into my shorts and put my hair in a messy fishtail braid before heading to breakfast with Ara.

“Hey Fawn.” Rein yelled, calling us over.

“Hey.” I said.

“Ara, right?” She asked.

“Yep, Rein?” Ara asked.

“Yep.” Rein replied.

“Jax.” Jax said, appearing behind us with Rai.

“Rai.” Rai said, “And did you know Jax snores?” 

“I do not.” Jax huffed a breath. 

“Wait, you guys are roommates?” I asked.

“Yep.” Jax said, “And he’s the one who snores.” 

We all laughed, but I stopped when Jax caught my eye. There was something he wasn’t telling me. Oh well, I just met him, there’s probably a lot he’s not telling me. 

    We were all sitting and eating, well more accurately, stuffing our faces.

“What classes does everyone have?” Rai asked. 

“Math.” Rein and I groaned at the same time. 

“English,” Jax said with a shrug.

“Dragon training!” Ara yelled excitedly.

“Nice, I had it yesterday. I’ve got a gold egg. How about ya’ll?” Rai said. 

“I had it yesterday with Jax. I have a white-silver egg and he has a bright pink one.” I said.

“Hell yeah I do,” Jax stated proudly. 

We laughed again.

“At least ya’ll have your eggs. I missed my dragon training class yesterday so I have to go during my free period on Wednesday.”

“Oof. Good luck.” I said as the bell rang.

“I’ll catch up with you later.” Jax said before going to walk with some of the ‘bad boys’ to English.

“DRAGONS!” Ara yelled, leaving us in the dust as she ran up to the stables. 


    “Hello everyone and welcome to math. I am Mr. Meyer and I know all of you hate my class so I’ll try and make it fun. If we all get above a B on the first quiz, I will bring doughnuts.” Said a fairly young man with black hair and blue eyes, “The quiz will be in a few weeks, don’t stress about it. Now math.” He said, pointing to the board.

“I hate this already,” Rhearn said, huffing out smoke. 

“You and me both.” 


    The death cat. You’d think a school for shapeshifting, superpowered dragon riders would get a better bell. But no, here we are with the death cat. Anyway, Rein and I walked to history which just so happens to be halfway across the castle. Fun. 

“Welcome to history. I am Professor Talbi. Please take a seat and we can get started.” A middle-aged woman with fawn hair and green eyes said. 

Rein and I sat next to each other in the back. 

Professor Talbi talked the entire hour about what we going to be studying this term. I actually hate normal school. It’s so stupid that I have to take it here. Her voice was drawing on for so long that I was actually glad to hear the death cat. I finally had lunch.


“GUYS!” Ara said, running up to our table, “I got my egg, it’s white and blue. It’s so beautiful. I can’t wait for it to hatch.” 

“Am I the only eggless person at the entire school?” Rein joked.

“Nope, you have those five.” I said, pointing to some pillars, “They haven’t taken dragon training yet.”

“You know what, you can shut up.” She shot back, laughing.

“What’s the fun in that?” I replied.

Everyone laughed.


    The rest of the day went by really boringly. In my classes yesterday, we had actually started learning stuff, but in all the normal classes, we’re just getting overviews. Seriously, teach us stuff. 


I just got out of my elective, creative writing and met up with Ara. We talked about random stuff, mostly movies, on the way back to the dorm. I rolled my eyes when she dramatically opened the door. A pedestal sat diagonally across from her bed, like mine. On top of the pedestal was a snow-white dragon egg with blue streaks coming down the sides. 

“Beautiful, isn’t it.” She stated more than asked. 

I nodded and started on some homework. That’s right, I have math homework on the first day. My alchemy homework was fine because I was actually interested in it, but this is math. 


    Ara and I ate dinner with the rest of the group. We all stayed out till midnight, just hanging out and having the occasional dance battle. Eventually, though, we all said our goodnights and went to our dorms. Ara and I crashed immediately, exhausted. Ara was exhausted because her classes today require a lot of physical energy. I was exhausted because I had math. I don’t know if you can tell but I hate math with a burning passion. It gives me depression. Plus the alphabet decided to get involved. Like seriously alphabet, math is numbers, I didn’t know x was a number, but apparently, it is. I was just about to drift into a math filled nightmare when I heard the first crack. 

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