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The story follows first-year college student, Kichi, who finds herself rapidly drowning in the girl she had come to like. And, Ray, who fell in love with Kichi at first sight.



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Author's note

All Rights Reserved!
Copyright 2019 by Petagaye Dillion

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

4. 03






The spacious office on the fifth floor offered a splendid view of Bridgeport. Despite sunlight coming through the large windows, the slate grey walls dimmed and chilled the room.

The color represented Rias’s personality well. Her office was nearly bare, save for the deep, leather, burgundy Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair and tobacco-hued wood desk, a three-shelf bookcase with magazines and two globes on it, and the two hanging paintings.

“Where is she?” I asked Rias.

“At the moment, I have no idea. I wished her safe trip home though.”

My face didn’t hide my annoyance. “You denied her the job before consulting me?” I slammed my palms down on the desk. Rias suddenly looked up.

“You forget that I am your manager,” she said, looking surprise at my outburst. “I need to hire the people I believe can keep up. I don’t have time to spoon-feed anyone. I just signed two more clients. What I needed was someone who could hit the ground running.”

“It’s always something with you, isn’t it?”

She ignored my insinuation, choosing instead to make one of her own. “That girl. She resembles Chelsea. Is that why you were so eager for me to hire her?”

My entire body tense when she mentioned Chelsea. “These are two different things.” I closed my eyes for a moment to gather my thoughts. Just recalling that crazy girl gave me a sinking feeling inside my gut.

“Give me her phone number,” I demanded.

“Why?” Rias’s voice raised somewhat. “I am not hiring her. She has no experience.”

It was unusual for me to meet someone who didn’t know who I was. Kichi had been oblivious to my popularity from the start, and it caught my interest. She still held my interest.

“Let me have it.”


I balled my hands into fists. Rias was provoking me.

“Fine,” I sneered. “Don’t give it to me. I don’t need it to find her anyway.”

Rias walked around her desk and rested her palm on my shoulders and leaned in somewhat. “I’m leaving for three weeks so I need to know everything will be left in capable hands. I need someone competent. That girl was not up to the task.”

“You don’t know anything about her.”

Rias bottom lip quivered. Our eyes met. She continued to stare at me . . . expectantly? I swallowed the lump setting in my throat. Rias and I . . . well . . . Too bad I couldn’t undo what I did. I sighed and slowly removed her hold on me and stepped back. I pretended not to notice her short-lived pain expression.

“Don’t you know what’s going to happen if your fans see you running around with a Chelsea look alike?”

That was the lone reason why I was with Chelsea. She resembled Kichi. “And I should care why?”

“Stop talking carelessly—you idiot.”

“I am going now. Talking to you doesn’t get me what I want. You know how to reach me if I am needed.”

On my way out, I made a quick stop at the front desk, which was currently empty. Jessy must have gone to the restroom. I slid into her chair and looked up the train schedule back to Chester on her computer.

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