Tides - A Quick Short Story

Just a quick short story I wrote using a writing prompt I found online: "Write a short story based on your favorite lyrical song." My favorite song is "Leave Out All the Rest" by Linkin Park.

1. Tides

“Sky? Sky, where are you?”

You’re looking for me even though I’m standing right in front of you. Can you not see me? Can you not hear me screaming, “I’m here, I’m here!”

You find my family and tell them, “Sky is missing, we need to find her!”

They just laugh. “I’m sure she’ll turn up.” The door slams in your face, and you turn away. Your eyes are dark, and your shoulders are low. You clench your fists and walk away.

“Sky! Where are you?”



I sit up abruptly as a voice from the waking world cuts through my dream. “Ugh…” I rub my eyes and slide out of bed to open my door.

My dad is there, dressed to go out and looking mildly annoyed. “You know it’s 11:30, right?”

I grimace. “I was up late.”

“Yeah, I know. Your TV was too loud.” He sighs. “We’re going to the store. Be dressed and ready when we get back, we’re going to Grandma’s for dinner.”

“Okay.” I close the door and heave a massive sigh before flopping onto my bed. I wait until I hear the slam of the front door before getting up again and making my way to the bathroom.

I use the toilet and wash my hands. Looking up at the mirror, I see my tired eyes, the random zits that seem to be refusing to leave, the subtle frown sitting under my nose. I stare into my own melancholic gaze for a moment before exiting the bathroom.


I can feel the sadness sitting in my chest, lapping against my ribcage like an agitated ocean. The tide is rising. I’ll have to fight to survive today. I wish the ocean would just stay calm, that warm waters could be all that flow through my veins. Instead, I feel like a broken faucet - spouting hot water one moment and cold water the next.


I dress quickly, brush and braid my hair, then settle on my bed with my laptop. I log onto a poetry website, clicking the Write option.


The waves are rising again,

trying to drag me down.

I fight to survive,

I try not to freeze-

I have to be the sun,

normal and bright,

for the ones that I love.


    I sit back and read over it, then click Save. It’s hardly one of my best works, but it’s something quick to at least partially alleviate this feeling.

    My phone suddenly buzzes next to me. It’s a message from you, and I grin.


Hey, what’s up?


Not much. Just writing.


Usual website?




Uh-oh, sad one. Not feeling good today?



I’m sorry. Anything I can do?


Not really right now. Just be here, I guess.




I worry about you, you know.


I’m sorry.


Don’t be sorry, I just...I don’t want you to do anything, you know?


You know I wouldn’t do that.


...you know, I often wonder what I’d leave behind if I died. What would everyone remember? That I was too nice for my own good? xD


They’d remember that you’re one of the kindest, sweetest people the world has ever seen.


Awe, that’s sweet. Thank you.




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