I was - A Poetry Collection

*A short poetry collection for the 'The Sweetest Kind of Poison' competition.*

Written around the theme of a bad relationship ending, the emotions and aftermath which leads to finally moving on and recovery.

This collection contains 8 relatively short poems, but can all link together in order to tell a story. Essentially a long poem split in to titled sections to document stages of some kind of progression - a theme I think is prevalent in 'The Sweetest Kind of Poison' by Katie Wismer.


Author's note

Please be aware that I do not mean this is how everyone deals with a situation like this and how everyone's recovery goes. It is written with knowledge of personal experiences which I have decided to share and written poetically using my own imagination. In no way am I trying to tell people how they should feel or think about something or how they should sort a situation because everyone's situation is unique and everyone is different. These poems are purely for I guess almost fiction but written with realism, which might or might not relate to people. It might not be relatable to all, but it could help or relate to just one person and that would mean something to me.
Remember recovery can take time, it's an ongoing process, and you won't feel the same forever. :)

1. Anger


I was angry, at first, 

Like I had to put a knife in your back,  

Hurt you with words, 

Tell you how betrayed I felt, 

Because that’s what I felt like you had done to me.  


But I couldn’t for three reasons:  

Because it was wrong,  

Because it would make me as bad as you,  

Because I didn't want to think about you again.

I didn't want to think of what you had done,

But that was really all I could think about.

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