Beautiful faces on clouds that should've never met. Drifting into sunlight, evaporate.

1. A

I hope you can tell me whatever you’re thinking,

But who has thoughts when all we do is drinking?

Numb your pain but what about mine?

You’re my liquor and I’m not fine.


You’re going to reach that day when all the pain fades away,

All the sadness, the insane, in the past, not today.

Smile and wave like the pain was never mine,

Never mind.


You’re hurting and it’s all I can see,

Hurting so bad is it best I leave?

Said you love me,

Don’t say you love me.

Unless you do but you don’t this time,

You’ve made it clear that you’re not mine.


I wanted to be more than fun to you,

It was a laughable thought to think of us as two.

This whole time it seems it was just only you.

But then it’s not fair that I can’t stop caring,

I only wanted to stop you from fading.


How about times before when we’d be reckless,

When we’d dirty dance all night until we both slept breathless.

A different kind of self-destruction,

Together, a victim to this seduction.


Now I realise you’re better off without me,

It only took me this long to see.

Only so much alcohol can help me forget,

And when I sober up I only feel regret.

How long will it take for this saga to finally end?

Not even a suggestion of staying good friends.


In the end I’m feeling worse and I hope you hurt,

Whisper the words, you were only a flirt.

I just need to convince myself you weren’t ever the one.

Other games are better won.


Everything we once done together,

A ghost remains and forget me never.

I hope you remember, only forever.


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