Ages New and Forgot



1. Ages New and forgot

Ages of humans here they’re told

Recite them to the young and old


First  comes bone and then to stone 

Next in sun bronze and iron shone


These be tools and weapons drawn 

To make shelter and kill the pawn


Men lack hides of Rino thick

And teeth to bite but have brains to trick


Before the time of written word

Know we not of what occurred


With our tricks we peer at last

To see why we forgot our past 


Trapped in ice a record tells

Of dangerous times that us compels 


To say that we were simple men

Is a lie that we must defend


For if there were ages lost

Fragile are we and easily squashed


That’s why we control the land

So she does not to us command


We do not know in full

If the land can be ruled


5x5  10,000 times 

Humans walked beneath the pines


The ages of women we know still

Are but a scribble from a quill


From that time which is long forgot

In our minds a missing slot


Deeds we did were lost in tales

Now myths to us dimmed by ales


Who were we before the fall 

History now, is a scholars brawl


The ages of humans short compared

To the time before we all had erred 


Now the age is that of space

Not a void but a starry race.


Here we try and avoid the fall

Its a long way down for all

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