Neon City A novel

Andrew Myerson lives in Neon City, a futuristic version of New York, in America in 2060 AD. When he struggles to survive, he goes on a journey where he meets all kinds of people in the process.


1. Neon City A novel-One


Andrew Myerson stared at the neon signs in New York City. It was the year 2,600 AD. He glanced at the brightly-lit yellow taxis that floated in the air; he glanced at the drivers screaming due to the traffic. He became stressed by the 27th Century America in which everything was sold at cheap prices. He walked to his apartment. As he did so, he immersed himself in the fatalistic notion of anger that seeped through his body, while he saw the signs letting him know he would see a lot of science fiction ads on virtual billboards in Times Square.


The woman gazed at the machines, and robots. The neon bar on 131st Street and 7th Avenue glittered with an array of bright colours; the colours moved in 4D. She gazed at Andrew Myerson, and waited patiently for him to speak. "You know what it means to belong", she smoked a cigarette, as he nodded. "Everything is for sale on-line. Its all interconnected into the Cyber-Net", he stared at the holograms of political ads, and cringed. She finished smoking. The robot's arms moved towards the neon signs, and yanked it off its barriers with its robotic hands. Huge sparks exploded, as a bald man yelled at it. "Stupid robots. That cost me 5,000 dollars". He stared at Andrew. "What now?", he asked him. "Now, you have to fix things up", Andrew answered him. The man sighed, then checked his I-pad. He used his eye-scanner to monitor his E-banking account to pay for the damage. Luckily he had fifty thousand dollars left over. Once the transaction was completed, he awaited for his new neon signs to arrive.


Andrew focused on the woman. 

"Times are tough these days", she stated. 

"There's an economic collapse coming. It is inevitable", she said. She glanced at the cars that were zooming in the Lower Manhattan roads; she shook her head. "Neon City is thriving only because of the billionaires putting money into it over the last century. Besides, toughs are rough", Andrew stared at her. She wore bright sunglasses on her face; she wore a blue suit, and black boots on her feet. "Tanya, you know that...", he begun to say. She grinned. Her long, black hair fell down her back; her blue eyes were tinted due to corrective surgery at the hospital. It was also something that was considered normal in today's world of perfection. Tanya saw the look of concern on Andrew's face, as if she was abnormal. "What! Am I so different from other women you meet?", she asked him. "No. I want to be with you, Tanya", he answered. She smiled, then she kissed him, and the issue had ended just as a taxi crashed at high speed, and the New York Futuristic Police cars arrived to deal with the accident.


"Wait here!", Andrew shouted to Tanya.

"Don't leave me", she cried out.

"Fine", he said.

"Thank you", Tanya smoked another E-cigarette. Rolf Longwood, the New York Police Chief, yelled: "Get away everyone. Once the accident scene is fixed up, Neon City will be back to normal", he said. He wore a silvery hat on his head, and a grey uniform. His black boots were shining. Andrew and Tanya moved away, as robots were used to extract the injured out of their cars. They looked at more ambulances attending the victims. Within the hour, they placed them into the back, and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Tanya finished smoking, while Andrew waited. Dark clouds hovered above the New York skyline, then it poured heavy rain in the bright city.


The rain was followed by lightning. The flashing of thunder boomed in the sky illuminated the neon signs in New York; the neon billboards promoted movies, television shows, and fashion department stores. Macy's On-Line stores were selling faster than in-store products. Everyone in New York was connected to the Cyber-Net to shop until they dropped. Andrew waited for the rain to leave New York. Sadly, the rain remained overnight, and wouldn't end until the next morning. Tanya sighed, as she saw the Glittering Lounge, a restaurant that was full every night for the city's elite. "Let's go, Andrew. I'm hungry", she told him. And they hailed a E-taxi, and told the Bronx accented driver where to go.


Andrew paid the thirty dollar bill, and gave the driver a tip. They opened the door, and ran to the front entrance. The Glittering Lounge was a place of diversity. "Good evening. I'm Kelly Norton. Table for two?", she asked us. "Yes, the weather's bad tonight", Andrew answered. She nodded. "Yes, it is. New York is still the city that never sleeps", she said. The table was in the middle of the spacious room. Couples were enjoying their meal, as they sat down on the black seat. They checked the menu. "I'll have the steak, garlic bread, and coffee", Andrew said. "And I'll have the same", Tanya stated. The waitress wrote everything down with a pen. Then she attended to other diners, as jazz music played in the background.


The rain continued to fall.

Madison Wright gripped a knife in her gloved hand. She was used to the wild weather in New York. The neon signs promoting a new women's fragrance by a movie star didn't bother her. Fragrances cost over two hundred dollars...or more. She brought everything cheaper on the Cyber-Net for fifty dollars. She saw the falsity of commerce all of the time. Her long, blonde hair was washed with shampoo, and dried with a red towel; her tinted hazel eyes glowed in the darkness; her green gown was wet because of the storm surge; her brown boots were grimy, and wouldn't last her until December. She saw the sign that read: WELCOME TO NEON CITY, NEW YORK. THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!!. She saw Marshall Trainer, the fitness guru, exercising in Times Square. She ignored him. He could be sick from pneumonia. She was hungry. Ever since Neon City had changed for the worse...and not the better...due to the bureaucratic politics from Washington, DC, Madison knew that America was showing their own force to demand its superiority over other countries around the World. She saw the sign to The Glittering Lounge. She looked at her Cyber-Access Account on her E-card. She had two hundred dollars left over. She smiled, as she ran to the front door. Then she walked inside to keep warm. Then she waited to be served, as thunder boomed loudly in the early evening sky.

"Can I help you?", Kelly Norton asked.

"Yes, I'd like a seat please. I'm Madison Wright", she answered her. She put the knife away in a bag she was carrying. "Follow me", Kelly said. And Madison nodded. She dried her boots on the black carpet; she was sure all of the rain hadn't damaged it. She then walked past the doors that led to table number 55. "There's a menu to look at", Kelly said. "Thank you", Madison smiled. As she stared at the menu, she saw the hologram of the fireplace was keeping everyone warm for the rest of the evening.


Andrew waited for the food to arrive.

Tanya smiled.

She looked at the hologram.

"It's really warm", she said.

"I know. Now, what-", Andrew said. And then the generator kicked in, and the emergency electricity lit up New York. We were all happy. Suddenly more diners enjoyed their dinner, while Neon City came to life.


Madison said: "I'll have the fish and chips, and champagne". Kelly Norton wrote everything down. The neon signs glowed in the heavy rain. Emergency service vehicles zoomed in the New York sky. As the lights illuminated the city, she ate in silence before it became too dark.


"We have to do something, Alana", Craig asked her. She stared at the Cyber-Screening Authority Board; she gazed at the Cyber-Net. There was a lot of posts, E-mails, and so on in cyberspace. Some were darker than others; some were flagged as dangerous, and they had been encrypted. Only computer nerds could decrypt everything. Craig scanned the Cyber-Net. The latest news was about the storm that had swarmed the city, and shut down the power. "Everything's wrong, Alana. We're in the deep end, you know". She scanned the news with her E-scanner sunglasses. The text became blurry. Once she read the news, she stopped reading. "Okay, we have to work things out tomorrow". Craig sighed. "Tomorrow. But we're here to commit the greatest crime of all time". Alana smiled. "Not today. Tomorrow". And she grinned, as they headed to the New York Cyber-Youth League Headquarters, where they stayed overnight with other teenagers.


Tanya finished eating.

Andrew used his E-scanner to pay the fifty dollar bill. They saw the weather was still bad. "We have to go home", she complained. They walked outside, and hailed a taxi. "2467 131st Street, and 7th Avenue", Andrew told the driver. "Bad weather", the driver said. "I'll pay a huge tip if you go fast". He paid him two hundred dollars. And the driver nodded, and drove to the destination in the heavy rain, as the temperature dropped to thirty degrees...and going downward until snow fell in New York City.


Madison saw the Manager. "Excuse me, what about the storm? I can't go outside", she asked him. "The power's gone. New York is under the control of the Cyber-Security Units", he answered her. "What about the emergency reserves of power?", Madison added. "It is on now", the Manager stared out of the window. "That's good. I have to go home now". She walked away, and hailed a E-taxi. "Where do you want to go, Miss?", the taxi driver started the engine. "The Glittering Lounge. I'll go home tomorrow". And he nodded, as she paid him one hundred dollars, and drove into the sky, where the busy traffic of space cars zoomed at a fast speed.


Andrew reached his house.

Tanya smiled, as the E-taxi left their house, and drove into the air. He clapped his hands. The darkness of the front door illuminated the whole house; the door opened and a robot girl smiled. "Hurry up!", it shouted. The door opened, and the three of them went inside. By eleven o'clock PM, they went to sleep in the cyber-room where the storm cell worsened.


The following morning, Craig felt relieved. 

"There's no storm now", Alana said. She used the E-scanner to check on the weather apps. "It's going to be thirty degrees today", she stated. The bright sun's rays glowed in the Neon City. Craig saw the snow melt in Times Square, where the new day arrived. 


The Glittering Lounge was open 24/7. Madison saw the hologram for the new science fiction movies that were on the 8HD screens in cyber-cinemas. She gazed at the café, where she paid for coffee and cake. She imagined the nightmare of the storm cells from last night had disappeared. A female robot was collecting cyber-money in its robotic hands; its robotic black eyes focused on the paying the Manager for a room for the night. "One hundred dollars", it said. The Manager took the money, and attended to other important matters at hand, while four burly security guards stood by in case of any kind of trouble in the morning. Madison walked to the hologram fireplace. She warmed her hands, and ate her breakfast with the other guests, as more snow fell outside.


Andrew focused on the snow.

He scanned the E-scanner news updates with his cyber-sunglasses. 
"According to the news, the snow is going to last for a month, or more", he told Tanya.

"A month, that long", she sighed.

"Yes, maybe the Authorities will clean-up Neon City". She shook her head, as the snow fell harder and harder.


Craig was asleep.

"Wake up!", Alana shouted.

He opened his laser-enhanced eyes, and shrugged. "I was sleeping", he said. "I know that. You don't have to tell me, Craig. I know you were waiting for the next day", she said. He saw the weather was bad. "We can't go anywhere", he stared at the windows. "Neon City is a basket case for the elite classes", Craig told her. He didn't have time to explain when the cyber-police squad arrived. They turned around, and ran away towards The Glittering Lounge.


Matt Soll scanned the Cyber-Net. He found the entrance to The Glittering Lounge hologram; he was certain that the Neon City was in crisis. He remembered his father, David Soll, an engineer, had built the Lounge twenty-five year's ago. Matt, who was a cyber-hacker, was intent shutting the city down. Smiling, he scanned the Lounge, then he was intent on mass chaos. And, as he pressed the ENTER button on his cyber-pad computer, he unleashed a red virus. Seconds later, the Cyber-Net was infected for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours.


Colonel John Dall, Jr., the African-American head of the Neon City Cyber-Security Office, wasn't amused by the shut down. "I want all people to asses the threat. New York won't be beholden to these attackers", he said. He had short black hair, green eyes, and tall. He wore a green uniform, grey trousers, a black belt, blue computer socks, and black, polished shoes on his feet. He was, at forty-five, the youngest Colonel in Neon City. He was married, and had six children. He was in contact with President James Harrow, III. The fifty-three year old leader shook his head in growing frustration. If the shut down went on for over a week, America would lose trillions of cyber-dollars in lost revenue.

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