I Don't Know About You...

We all know about life, but do we know how it ends? Not really.


1. See, It Starts Like...

See, usually a good book starts out like I did this or I did that.

But I do it this way.

I'm gonna start out by saying: It wasn't my fault.

It was her choice.

All i told her was that  I felt like the third wheel.

She broke up with her boyfriend. Then she said it was my fault because she said i said i hated him she said it was my fault.

All i did was say I felt like the third wheel.

See, that's all. 

Now, that's not all that happened.

Now, here's the bad part.

She began saying how I began to tell her how her boyfriend was the worst. How she loved him and all but I said he was too good for her and all that idiotic crap.


Can you believe that?

Personally, I still can't.

Now, try to believe this.

she went out with him for, like, 6 months, then they got engaged, then they broke up because of me, supposedly, it's just like, can you believe that?

I can't.

I still can't.

And it's been months.

6 months.

since they broke up.

and she's still angry.

Can you believe that?

Can you?

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