The Review Library

I write reviews for you!

Did you write a new story that you're not sure about publishing or just want some feedback on a story of yours? Continue reading to find out how you can ask me to review your story!


1. Let Me Review Your Story!



Do you want your story read and reviewed? All you have to do is:



1. Comment down below or private message me the exact name of your story.

2. I will take time to find your story and read it (depending on how long the story is, it should take me one or two days to read and review).

3. If you commented, I will reply back on my review! If you privately messaged me, I will private message back my review!


If you would like your book review put into this story for others to see, please let me know. I will put your book title, cover name, and my review on here for others to see how I review and also for publicity on your book. If you would not like me to, please tell me.


(My reviews are not professionally based. I am a high school student, and I am only doing book reviews for the sole benefit of others to get another person's feedback on their story. Not every single story I read is going to be good, and I am sorry if I do not give you the feedback you are looking for. I may give tips and other useful bits of information to maybe make your story appealing to an audience or to boost your stories reads. If I do give a review, bad or not, continue writing the story! Do not base your story's decisions on one person's review! If you're happy with it, then you should continue.)


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