Shade has hospitalised a boy in her school, kissed a girl who she doesn't know, and is dealing with her mental health and sexuality at just fifteen years old. Or... to say she 'is' dealing with it is grammatically incorrect... to say she 'was' is a better way of putting it......


1. Whatever Happened

' Today a dramatic incident occured in Oackland School where a fifteen year old boy was hospitalised after being severely attacked by a fellow student in the science lab. The girl who had apparently put him in such a state is said to be showing unusual behaviour. Usually clumbsy and ' in her own world' the teen has become more 'calculated' and 'focused' as in the words of her friends and memebers of staff. The spark of the attack between the two students is unknown, but the fact that they have a rich history with bickering and feuding with each other may give a clue of why such an unfortunate event has occurred. As for the spark of the girls dramatic change in behaviour.... no one can suggest a valid reason to why she has been acting so 'odd' recently. The school is receiving major backlash for being too 'lenient' after suspending the girl for only ' one month' and many parents are questioning the safety of their children.....'

Mum slammed the remote to shut down the TV screen. I sat in the living room silently, anticipating the roar of outrage as the hairs on the back of my neck stood upwards- begging the sky for mercy.

''...AND YOU'VE HIT THE NEWS TOO!! For goodness sake, Shade! What has gotten into you?''

'' I'll tell you'' Dad spoke in the corner of the room, his voice calm- almost sinister, '' Its puberty.It's hitten our daughter hard, it seems''

Mum glared at him dangerously then whipped her face back into my direction. I sat upright. A strange energy from deep within my closed mind made my body unravel itself from its protective curl on the couch. I stared back at Mum with an unusual unwavering fear.

'' You want the truth?'' The words that escaped my lips were barely a whisper, but both my parents heard.

'' The truth of why you attacked the god-damn boy would be helpful'' Mum snapped.

'' The truth is..... I dont know...'' I stood up and left the house, walking under the plummeting tears of heaven that had drenched every inch of the farmland. Nothing difficult. My parents watched me from the window, as their 'innocent' daughter strolled far off into the hills, and i milked every second of it, walking so slowly on purpose just to annoy their small little minds. Even the herds of sheep that I passed seemed frightened of my presence. The only life immune to this new vibe of mine was Patches, our sheep dog. He followed me, hot on my ankles, as we both entered the farmhouse. I stayed there for hours. My parents didn't come to look for me- I didn't expect them to either. I love them and they love me but today had changed everything. Mum's voice resided in my head. ' Why Did You Attack The God-Damn Boy?'

Why did I? That was a question even I had no answer to. My mind flashed back a couple of hours, when I was in second lesson at school- Science. He had called my name a lot of times but I ignored him. I knew if I gave him any attention, he would start mocking me and taunting me. He was the only person in the entire school that actually disliked me. I got along with everyone- apart from him, and I didn't need to get bullied today. I then walked over to my desk, sitting down and recording my results from the experiment which I had no clue how to execute.

'' I got 0.65 seconds, how in the entire world did you get 567.098?'' Scarlet's voice.

'' I dont know!'' I laughed.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see a pair of blazing blue eyes. Peter’s eyes. Then.... I don’t know but after whatever happened he was laying on the floor, blood oozing from his nose and trickling down the corner of his left eye in steady rivulets. His right eye was painted a sinister canvas of black and his cheeks gave way to a blanket of grey. The class was silent. Everyone was crowded in a circle, I was in the middle and Peter’s unconscious body right next to my foot. Sweat ran down my cheeks and I winced as the door opened... well it was an unique sight for a teacher who had left the class room to get some text books and return in the middle of whatever happened, I guess.

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