Thousand Faced Creature (A Princess Jessica Story)

This story has Princess Jessica and her many appearances fight in a battle between one another and Jessica's rising evil.


1. Chapter One

She was beautiful, stunning. In that ball gown of pure silk and hoops underneath made of metal, with the face, manners, and looks of a true princess, Princess Jessica was simply a matter of life and death in and of itself, with her scepter an amethyst crystal in her pocket glowing as brightly as the sun, yet no one knows it. This crystal, this scepter, gives her confidence. No power. Just confidence.

She strides through the palace, stopping at the door of the music room, where she hears beautiful music, composed and played by her father, King Alexander III.

He had been composing and playing music for a while now, since the death of her mother, Queen Helen II. She had been gone for months, yet the sadness never faded. She truly wished her father would realize the truth, that her mother had been nothing but a tyrant the entire time Jessica existed. Why mourn for a tyrant?

Jessica slowly slipped into the room. Alexander had banished Jessica from his sight earlier that day, saying she looked too much like her mother. Jessica couldn’t help that. She had lips as red as blood, hair as white as snow, and skin as pale as winter.

This was her true face, although she could change her face into whatever face she wished.

She was a thousand faced creature.

She stayed in one corner of the room, behind Alexander, where he wouldn’t see her.

She listened to the song, to the piano and realized one thing: She’d NEVER been taught music. Her father had wanted her to be taught how to play the piano and how to learn notes and what they meant. She never was.

When it ended, Alexander sighed and stared at the piano keys.


He turned around and saw her. Jessica had made her appearance to be brown haired, brown eyed and beautiful. Her new name was Alice, for each face had a different name, and looked different. Only Alice spoke Shakespearean, which although wasn’t a language, it was easier for Alice to understand, which didn’t make sense, but that was how she worked. Jessica, however, would speak normally.

“Valorous morrow to thee, Alice,” he said.

“Prithee, Father, don’t beest so enchafed. For the pleasant day hath cometh forthwith, and this day shalt beest better yet!”

Mine daughter, the present day is a depress'd day, and argal all the days wilt beest just like this one.”

“Nay, Father, the brightest side is the side thou wilt see, for mine mother as thy jointress wast a tyrant in that lady days, and anon the lady is gone, to everyone's pleasure 't shalt beest.”

“Nay tyrant wast thy mother, beauty within as itself. Different, but hath the lady cometh yet to this very ordinary, then haply. Rise from the grave if 't be true the lady wilt, the lady shalt beest as the lady wast.”

“Father, tyrant the lady wast born, tyrant the lady shalt leaveth. I did see nay beauty, the beauty hence wast nev'r thither. The lady hath did leave, and thither is nay joy yond liveth within thy eyes. Father, the lady shalt nev'r cometh back, hence beest joyful yond mine mother as thy jointress shalt nay longer beest, we nay longer suffer in that lady own ways.”

“Alice, thy mother wast nay sufferer, as in that lady ways the lady wast different but kind. An angel the lady shalt beest, still.”

“If 't be true thou declare so, Father, then yond shalt beest what thou believeth.”

Alice then left the room, furious that he would not believe her.

She went to Jessica’s room and sat near the window.

Later she changed into another face, Victoria.

Victoria only spoke Old Kimbulesh, a very confusing language that only the residents and workers of the palace understood. She never went outside because no one understood her.

Then Alexander knocked on the door. He slowly went inside and saw Victoria.


Yes, Father, it’s me.”

“I did not know you were in here.”

Victoria gave no reply.


“I heard you, Father.”

Alexander didn’t know if she could speak Shakespearean in Old Kimbulesh, but he decided to give it a try.

If 't be true thou can heareth me, Victoria, then I desire thou wot yond nay matter what, if 't be true thou needeth aught, I wilt beest hither for thou.”

Victoria looked confused. Apparently not.

“What does that mean, Father?”

“If you can hear me, Victoria, then I hope you know that no matter what, if you need anything, I will be here for you.”

“Yes, Father, I know.”

He then left the room and sighed. Having a daughter with many faces wasn’t very easy.

He then left the room and went to his office.

Then at dinner, he sat and waited for his daughter.

Ella appeared.

It was typical for Jessica to come to the table with a different face, but he wanted to speak with Jessica, not Ella, who was blonde haired, blue eyed and very pretty. He had to speak with Jessica.


“Yes, my father?”

“I must speak to Jessica.”

Ella looked at him.

“As you wish, Father.”

She changed into Jessica easily.

“Jessica, I hope you understand that what you did in the village today has impacted a lot of people.”

“I understand that, Father. I am not dumb.”

“No, no, you are not.”

“Have you wished to offend me?”

“No, daughter, I do not wish to offend you.”

“Then what is this conversation about?”

“This conversation is about what you must do. You realize you will become queen at 18, and you will rule beside me, unless you find a husband.”

“Yes, Father. That is well understood.”


They ate in silence.

Jessica left before he did, and watched the kingdom’s lights go out and lighten up.

She watched as couples strolled in the dark, streetlamps lighting their ways.

Then she changed into Gabriella.

She turned away from the window, going towards the ballroom, which was beginning to transform into a room for a party. The ball was going to start in about an hour, and there were a few guests there.

Alexander came up behind her, scaring her.


“Goodness, Father, you scared me!”

“I am sorry, Gabriella.”

“Change into Jessica, Gabriella.”

She did.

Jessica looked furious. She stormed away.

“Jessica, come back now.”

She refused.

One bad thing about Jessica: She could speak a language Alexander couldn’t understand. Demonala, the language of the demons. It always cursed, never spoke good things.

Mus ab sem utergue per rerum sem ullo dui hibernorum!” (May he who brought you curse you into the underworld!)

Alexander didn’t understand her, but that was normal.

Then she stormed off.

Alexander knew better than to follow. She wanted to be alone.

Jessica slammed her door shut and went to the window. Why didn’t he want Gabriella to go? Just because she spoke a different language? She could have a translator! Did he not think of that?

She changed into Alice and said to herself, “If 't be true Father wilt not did let mine cater-cousin Gabriella beest in this ball, then I wilt bewray him what 't's like to suffer.”

Then she heard the demon say in her mind, “Mi 'i ad enim ad cum si't ipsa aut praetensionem illo iaculantur te est tui nonnis sociis, ad sortiri totam saluto.” (If 't be true he who is't dost not understandeth wilt continueth to did let others suffer, he himself shalt suffer.)

“Ay, we shalt maketh him suffer. All I needeth art thy instructions, Princess Jessica.”

Princess Jessica smiled inside her mind.

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