The eagle and the Dragon egg: Doormouse

As the sun rose, high above the mountains the eagle soared swiftly, searching, hunting for the egg.


1. Prologue

The eagle stood on the ledge near her nest. She could see a cave not too far away; but not just any cave. It was a Dragon cave.

Swooping down, the brave eagle landed and moved foreward into the icy lair. Icicles and treasures decorated the dragon's home shimmering with the light. Something moved something big, blue and beautiful.Beautiful, but intimidating.

"I know what you came here for." A large she-dragon dragon told the eagle . "You may take one egg. Now go quickly. Before danger reaches you.

The eagle was silent as she left. She wasn't quick enough. Humans.

Now, years later, ash the sun rose high above the mountains, the eagle soared swiftly,searching, hunting for the egg.

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