Three days away from love

Two people found each other online.. They were not looking for friendship neither love.. So what were they looking for?

Author's note

Let me know if I should continue
Based on a true story

1. The beginning



It was all exciting and fun in my life until this moment.

The moment.

Maybe you would be thinking why this moment.

I have always thought that I had the love in my life.

Basically my life was so perfect that I was blinded by the things I couldn’t see but felt which made me not notice it.

I was in my room one day and felt the feeling of loneliness.

Everyone was suddenly busy. There was just no time and no friends that I could truly trust to tell my feelings. Or talk to.

Well my parents are always there but I mean like you wouldn't want to talk about personal feelings with them.

So that night after watching TV and talking to them I went to bed.

I vaguely remember that it was very late. Probably 3 am possibly almost 4.

So I was looking at my phone. No phone calls for the longest century ever and no messages and nothing..

So I decided to browse the web and made the decision to chat with strangers.

Now I've heard so many things of talking to people on the net and I always know them as weird or bad people and scammers.

Well I was thinking of what If I use snap chat as a mutual thing and find people that match and start a conversation to see how weird it could get. Ha-ha! So there I went.

I had no intentions to talk to anyone but I wanted to have fun with it.

Like if it was a weirdo I would basically be weird too and then block/delete them.

I didn't care.

That is so much better that just being ignored or alone.


Now you have to know usually men are looking for sexual conversations or they can scam you or people faking age, location, identity. They could possibly be anything. Murderers, pedophiles, blackmailers like anybody! Keep in mind I was not on a dating site. So I definitely wasn’t looking for love.


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