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  • Published: 1 Dec 2018
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2018
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An allegory of contemporary world. A close observation.

1. 1.

     A figure is walking down the narrow street and not long ago reaches an unknown park. It was overcrowded, maybe because of the last summer days,remaining. People have their pets with them. The figure, who was a foreigner, watches in different directions, noticing that everybody was doing something-children were playing hopscotch or other game with a ball, some were eating ice-cream, chasing the doves away, while the adults were discussing the latest shooting or murder or other news. Some of them also were reading,walking their pets up and down and a couple was even making out,sitting in a faraway bench.

The figure was seeing how everybody,despite all,were happy. Somehow enjoying life without a single worry. Was really all the figure was seeing real? Simplicity was the word if the figure had to choose for this moment, for this park and for these people.

 Trying to blend in, the figure continues to walk,undisturbed from everybody's conversations and laughter,when finally he reaches the other end of the park and saw the whole,non-retouched picture-the park was polluted,some of the trees were axed and gone, the water from the only fountain was not very clean, strayed and dirty dogs were sniffing hungry around, a pan-handler was watching nearby how the guests of the park were so abnormally frivolous. It is the real picture but the figure was trying to realize why all who were here just refuse or pretend not seeing it. Were junk-food and yellow stories everything these people interested in?

Sincerity is scary but there must be at least one in this ugly green park who could just talk non-bullshit.


                                                                                         .   .   .


   The park remained behind the figure's back. He didn't know his next direction and while trying figuring out what to do,he heard two shots. A gang shot two black people-a man and a woman. Two seconds that changed the 5-year old kid,standing by her parents' bodies,crying,forever. Everyone else in the park were staying aside. If you,dear friend, haven't still heard about this,don't worry-in a couple of hours they will announce it on the news. Turn on the TV set and hear today's hot topic.

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