Best Friend's Brother

(Cover by @Zireee) Mia Collins and Riley Jones have been inseparable since the first grade. Riley never planned for it to be any different, but after Mia betrays her, she turns to Liam. Liam Collins is Mia's older brother who usually spends all year at boarding school, but after being expelled, he's back at home. He isn't the typical guy Riley'd go for, but she wants to do whatever it takes to get back at Mia, even if it means getting into an unanticipated romance.

Author's note

I know there's so many stories like this, but I thought it'd be fun for me to try it :)

1. Chapter 1: "He'll notice me someday."

"RIIIILLLEEEYYYY!" A loud voice yelled from outside my house, along with a long deafening beep of a car horn. I grabbed my backpack which was leaning against my stool at the kitchen table. I pulled the straps over my shoulder and snatched my half eaten piece of toast from the table. 

"Bye!" I called to my parents, who sat at the table immersed in their computer screens. 

"Have a great day." My Dad said without looking up. I ran outside towards the gray Nissan car that belonged to my best friend, Mia Collins. 

"Tomorrow," I said pulling open the door. "I'm driving."

"In what, your crap-mobile?" Mia smirked. Crap-mobile was Mia's nickname for my car. Sure, it was old, but old is gold, right?

"Yes." I said, smiling. "It finally gets back from the shop today."

"At this point, wouldn't it just be cheaper to get a new car instead of constantly bringing your car in for fixing?" Mia sighed, pulling out of my driveway. 

"If I got a new car, what excuse would I have to see Carter?" I giggled. Mia rolled her eyes. 

"Of course it's all about Carter. You need to get over that little prick." Mia said. I shrugged. Carter Brown was the most beautiful boy in my grade. He's tall with gorgeous brown eyes and dark skin. Everything about him was perfect. He made honor role, he was treasure of the SGA, the point guard of the basketball team.

"He'll notice me someday." I said confidently. "I can feel it." 

"Riles, he's never going to notice you if whenever you're around him all you do is sulk in the shadows." Mia said. 

"I don't sulk in the shadows!" I exclaimed, putting my feet on the dashboard in front of me. "He's just really intimidating." 

"Alright." Mia said. "Oh my god, my parents freaked me out this morning." 

"How?" I asked, slightly disappointed at the sudden change of topic. 

"They told me to meet them at the coffeehouse during lunch hour. Apparently they need to 'discuss something important with me'" 

"Awh." I pouted. "Don't leave me alone at lunch!" 

"You have the rest of our friend group to get pizza with!" Mia laughed, turning into the school parking lot. 

"Yeah, but none of them are as fun as you." I moped as the car turned into our usual spot. 

"Aw stop it, you're making me blush!" Mia joked, fanning her face with her hand. I laughed. 

"Here we go." I sighed as we stepped out of the car. "Another day at hell." 

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