The Great Movellas Gift Society

A perpetually renewing monthly 'Secret Santa' to give and receive fan responses to your work. Read the introduction chapters for information on how to participate.


1. Introduction: Read Me First!


Welcome to the Great Movellas Gift Society!

The aim of this project is to get as many users as possible to interact, meet other writers and collaborate as possible, as well as give everyone who participates an easy, friendly and rewarding introduction to creating to a very loose 'commission'.

The format will be as follows:

At any point during any month, any user may comment below to sign themselves up to both give and receive a 'gift'. On the 1st day of every month, every sign-up from the previous month will receive a private message telling them who they are to give a gift to, and between the 1st and 7th of each month, each user will give their recipient the gift they have made, the aim being to create a perpetually renewing 'Secret Santa'. Givers will of course be assigned at random, and recipients will not find out who their giver is until the giver does the giving - just to add to the suspense ;) Everyone is of course simultaneously a giver and a recipient.

What can gifts be?

We ask that all users when signing up tell us what they are currently working on. If you're not working on anything, or you're not very sure, just go or the most recent Movella you updated, or give a list of finished, or mostly finished Movellas that you're proud of, for the giver to choose from. If you’re a fanfiction author, please put a mixture of original and fanfiction projects in your comment, as givers may not necessarily share the same fandom as you, or may not enjoy the same things as you, and as such may not feel especially inspired by Romance fanfiction about BTS-Direction or whoever it is y’all go in for these days, for the simple reason of differing tastes.

If you need more information from your recipient, please PM the Intelligence Division so that they can ask your recipient questions on your behalf.

Givers can give anything they feel they're able to create, be that music, fan art, an alternative cover, fanfiction, or critique for the recipient's own work. Other than the prompt, the giver has complete freedom to respond how they will, to whatever they want! The aim here is to help writers to see their own work in new ways, to share new ideas, and to inspire each other.

We ask that each user spend between one and four hours on their gift. Not too long, but substantial enough to be a complete perspective change for the recipient, and really take some thought and work. Hence why, although you’re free to create a trailer, trailers are a lot of work, so you may want to choose against it. This society is not supposed to be a demanding time commitment.

We also ask that givers do not simply give some constructive criticism on a piece of work as their gift. The point of the project is to create whole new release-worthy creative artefacts that both giver and recipient can be proud of.

As per Movellas terms of use, gifts that are not fandom-related cannot use materials that are not in the public domain/that you do not personally have the right to use. Fandom related gifts can only use third party content relevant to the fandom that they are part of.

How do I give my gift?

If the recipient can access it, it doesn’t really matter. Google Drive links in mumbles if you’re participating on a one-off will be fine, or a whole Movella with a chapter for each month if you’re looking to participate more often. We do ask that, purely for the sake of sharing the love, everyone comments their gift beneath their original sign up comment on this Movella, so that we can all see who’s done what. You’re free to treat the gift you are giving as you would any other piece of work you’ve finished – spread it around, ask for criticism, etc.


Share your gift with others with the hashtag #MovellasGS-[month]-[year] - so for example March 2019's hashtag will be #MovellasGS-March-2019 . Feel free to use the relevant hashtags on any social media platform you post on so your fans can find and follow you there as well, and encourage people from other sites to join in.


On Dropping Out

Dropping out is of course frowned upon in most cases. Consider before you sign up – can I make the time commitment? Will I forget? Do I know how to set a calendar reminder for the submission, or will I just forget, or will I ignore it? If you’re going to drop out, please try to do so for actual reasons, as opposed to not feeling like it, forgetting, leaving it too late, or not liking your recipient’s work. You can always set calendar reminders, ask for a deadline extension, or ask for more information about your recipient or their work.

Dropping out for reasons that aren’t matters of simple incompetency are of course completely okay. We only as that you say at the earliest possibility – in a PM or email to The Intelligence Division. You’re not at all obliged to give any sort of reason – your private information is completely your own, no one is going to ask any questions, or say they’re disappointed, or anything at all in the least bit negative. We would ask that if it’s at all possible, please pass on anything you’ve completed so far. We’ll try to incorporate what you’ve already finished into the replacement giver’s work.

The key take-away from this section is that if you’re going to drop out, do it asap, tell the organisers that you are doing, and be ready to hand over anything you’ve already completed.


Does this readme look really professional and make complete sense?

Yes? Haha! The lie has succeeded! If not, please ask your question in the comments. If you have a suggestion for anything at all, please also leave it below. I’m keen to make this process as efficient, reliable and enjoyable as possible, so that it can last as long as we can possibly make it.


Elsewhere in this document:

Chapter 2 is a list of things we’d like you to include in your monthly sign up comment. Chapter 3 is a list of things we’re considering implementing into this process that don’t happen currently. Please check this out. If you have suggestions that I can’t implement right now, these will go here. Likewise, if you want to become an organiser and have the whole world crumble before you in awe of your remarkable and unique position of authority (so, help out behind the scenes as a co-author or something, and make sure everything stays organised), but don’t have a specific thing you want to help with, Chapter 3 will have all the things you could potentially work on to help improve.


Thank you so much for reading! Considering joining in? Please head to the next chapter to prepare an application!

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