Fire and Rain

Lan Lina is a girl with a troubled past and even present. Huaze Lei is a boy with a soft and quiet side that he reveals to everyone. Just as Lei begins to think that there will be no more hope for love in his life, Lan Lina comes to the rescue and helps him find out what true love really is. Will Lei and Lina fall in love? Or will she help his heart mend by helping him get back together with Jing?

(Huaze Lei Fan fiction and Meteor Garden fan made sequel)

Author's note

This is a Huaze Lei Fan fiction as well as a fan made sequel to Meteor Garden! I'm super excited to be writing this and I update as much as I can. If this becomes very popular and well, then I will most likely be making a sequel for Meizuo! Stay tuned :) (ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATTPAD UNDER @trblisnotcoming)

1. `Meteor Garden Sequel`


Just know that this is a fan-made meteor garden sequel!

I noticed that the show totally left Huaze Lei and Feng Meizuo on read, so I decided to create justice for them both!

So, this video is a little clip to explain where Huaze Lei originated from!

Please watch and stay tuned!!! :)

(This is also available on wattpad under @trblisnotcoming)

(Credit to video creator)













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