New movella

A collection of poetry and prose about my lover.


1. “Constellations”

Constellations of freckles have been etched into your skin.

Clusters of beautiful stars that can only just begin

To show the very particles you have been created from.

What lies beneath your surface shows me what you can become.

Stardust runs through those critically important veins of yours.

Everything you do makes me love you more, from the little reassures,

To the way your face radiates when we make eye-contact.

I still don’t understand why you love someone like me, so abstract.

‘For I am just a single star in this enormous universe.

Yet somehow you chose me as yours, so you will become completely immerse

with me, this is the greatest achievement I could ever have.

Finding you is everything to me, there is no way to halve

Us apart. Intertwined fingers and intertwined hearts.

To try to separate this love would take many intrigue charts.

My love can you tell me this one thing? This thing so small?

Can you see even a bit of your beauty at all?

I see your beauty every single time my eyes close:

Your smile, your stunning multi-colored eyes and your cute little nose.

The way your hair curls when the length is cut short.

Loving you is not something I’d ever want to abort.

You are more than pure, enough to rival that of any priest.

My love, since the day we met, my love for you increased.

The fates have been kind enough to bring us together.

You hold my heart, so gentle like you are holding a feather.

The stars have intertwined us together stronger than anything.

You have no idea how badly I want to buy you a ring.

One day I want you to be happy as my loving wife.

I can’t describe how amazing you make my life.

Constellations of freckles are etched upon your beautiful face.

We can disappear into the stars together without a trace.

We can run away together, your hand in mine.

We can leave everything so far and forgotten behind.

My lover, I love you.

Anything bad in this world we can get through.

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