My Crystalline Edges

a mixture of original poems.
a blending of different genres.
written by me :)

Author's note

Hello, guys! It's me, Snow (a.k.a the potato without a good name) and I'd like to present you all with my book of... POEMS!
I suck at this, I know, but bear with me. Maybe I will make it worth your while --- who can say?

Readers, who are prone to side effects from doses of sentiment, tears and creativity, might find this less appealing than they should.

jk, have fun :)

[Also, you can check out my Instagram account where I will be sharing my poems @my_crystalline_edges --- seriously, that would be amazing! <3]

1. the truth

Face like a diamond

Heart made of coal

You speak of love

But you have lost your soul








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