Danganronpa 2. Monchrome rebirth.

Every story has an end. Every story has its begin.

Since the fateful days of the BSTT incident, the school took every precaution to check up on their students. There was even made a foundation to make sure no killing game ever was to happen again. A few years past since the first BSTT murder game and soon it's gonna start again. Fifteen ultimate students of the #18 class are now soon gonna find themselves in that kinda game again. They are now in Monocamp. Their school trip right into Despair.


78. New Lifestyle

I sat on my bed. I had covered both my eyes with my hands as I was thinking:
"Sasha ain't allowed to touch any form of paper. We aren't allowed to leave each other's side. Lucas and Liza went quite pale and Mina and Sandra vanished. From all these hints we should be able to come up with theories." I said:
"I think we should talk about s-something else," Lara said. I looked up at her as she sat down on the floor looking at me:
"What?" I asked:
"How are we gonna live?" Lara asked. I looked at her:
"We should not be able to leave each other side...Which might also refer to the night...We need to live together and stay together all the time." Lara said. I looked at her and then I came to realize it:
"You gonna sleep here too?" I asked. Lara nodded:
"If we don't. We might die." Lara said. Silence filled the room. First her confession and now this. That monkey did this to put us into this awkward situation:
"What about we come up with some rules?" I asked. She nodded:
"So we need to be close even for showers...Ahh, this is annoying." I said. Lara silently watched the ground. I might have an easy one but this is still humiliating:
"Fine. Let's start by moving your mattress over here." I said. Lara nodded.

We walked over to her cabin. I walked inside. Inside was pictures of sheep on the walls and a wool pelt on the ground:
"Wow. First time I been here." I said:
"d-don't' stare." She said. I sighed. I picked up her mattress and began carrying it out of the cabin:
"What are you guys doing?" Lucas asked. He kept a nice distance from us. A bit pale:
"Why are you here?" I asked:
"I was looking for you and just saw you walk this way...Why are you carrying her mattress?" Lucas asked:
"It's a long story," I said. Lucas looked down at the ground:
"Lara and Jay's condition. They can't leave each other side?" Sasha asked as she came out of her cabin. I nodded:
"I see. So you can't leave each other side...So you move in together." Sasha said:
"We got three conditions down...Now if we just could figure out your condition." I said. Lucas looked down:
"It might be really hard. It's a condition which I don't have control over at the same time I do. I just hope it won't happen." Lucas said:
"I see. Just avoid it at all cost." I said:
"Have you guys seen Liza, Mina, or Sandra?" Lucas asked:
"No. The two of them vanished right after the condition was met. That might have something to do with the conditions. Liza acted strange right after. I haven't seen her since." Sasha said:
"Well...I hate to ask this. Will you guys help her move for now?" I asked:
"Lucky you, Jay. She confessed and now you already living together. Newsflash. Ultimate relationship goals on the horizon." Sasha said. I softly hit her over the head and Lucas flinched stepping back as fast as he could:
"W-what?" I asked:
"Please...Try not to do that." Lucas said:
"Don't tell me..." Lara said:
"Lucas your condition is that you can't get hit?" I asked. He shook his head:
"It's something broader," Lucas said:
"Lucas, you aren't allowed to be involved in violence?" Sasha asked. Lucas nodded:
"The condition itself is that I'm not allowed to be in any form of violent acts. Getting hit or hit someone." Lucas said:
"Well. That is bad." I said:
"Why?" Lucas asked:
"You wouldn't be able to defend yourself at all," I said:
"If someone did attack me I would just die from execution," Lucas said. I sighed:
"Don't say that guys...We have to stay positive." Lara said:
"Yeah, sorry," I said. Lara smiled:
"Help us carry it?" I asked:
"I can help carry small stuff. I would rather not stumble with anything big and bump into anyone." Lucas said. We all nodded and began the moving of the items. We brought her spare clothing. Her mattress. We cleaned out my room and placed those items in her cabin. before we knew it. It was dinner time:
"I'm so hungry." I said falling backward into my own bed. The whole room had been redesigned. My bed was to the left of the room and her bed to the right. We had separated the closet and put her clothes in there with mine. We had put the round table in the middle and put up some blinds we found in the shop in front of the bath so we couldn't look inside:
"Seriously...This is a drag." I said. She smiled:
"Come on, let's just get the best out of it." Lara said as she walked up to me. She reached down and grabbed my hand:
"Let us go get something to eat." Lara said. I nodded. I stood up but she didn't let go of my hand:
"What is it?" I asked. She looked down while not saying anything. This is not the time to let the romance take over. We are in no position to do this kind of thing...
"Fine," I said. She smiled softly. We left the building. I might know when I will be gone or will die. I can at least grant her wishes...Don't get me wrong, she isn't unattractive or not my type. I would say she is the closest thing to a romantic option here. I just don't know how to be romantic nor do I feel this is the right time. Why am I making excuses for myself? Let us just get something to eat.

We arrived in front of the lodge and entered. A few people were inside. Sasha was eating some food with Lucas. Sandra was there and Mina too. Liza was there too but she was silently sitting by herself in the corner:
"Hey, where were you two earlier?" I asked:
"We can't tell," Mina said as she looked up. She poked her E-handbook. I see their condition is something to do with it. I rather not break my mind trying to figure it out:
"Where were you?" I asked. Liza looked up and saw me hold Lara's hand. She looked at us for a few seconds and then a faint smile appeared on her lips:
"My cabin..." Liza said calmly. She ate the rest of her food leaving the room. I let her pass me without saying anything. What could I even say? Her condition must be something about us. Maybe she can't talk to people for more than an estimated time...I don't know anymore. These conditions just changed our lifestyle:
"Let's eat," Lara said. I nodded. I have to adapt as fast as I can. This is a life or death situation once again. 

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