Holly Potter and the philosopher's stone⚡

Yeah. I know. Another Harry Potter twin story. Anyway.
Holly Potter, twin sister of Harry Potter is going to Hogwarts. Like her brother, she gets sorted into Gryffindor. But what happens when Harry gets into danger and a certain boy, an enemy, enters her life for the better.


1. Ready for it

"No! Don't take him! Take me instead! Kill me insead!" Holly woke up; tears streaming down her face. Her mind went back to the nightmare she was having. She was tied to a chair, Harry Potter hanging from a rope above infinite black water. A mysterious figure stood with a kind of stick. He seemed about to cut the rope. Holly spoke. She spoke  the words before she awoke. Holly Potter looked around. Phew! She was still in the cupboard under the stairs, number 4, Privet Drive. Holly was still sweating. Something creaked on the staircase causing dust to fall from above her. 

 "Who's there?" she demanded.

"It's just me." A familiar voice told her

"Harry! Oh, Harry, thank goodness your alright!" he unlocked the cupboard door and plopped himself onto her bed.

"Calm down Holls! You're only eleven; you're acting like you're forty! Do you want me to braid your hair?" Holly has taught him how to braid hair on their fifth birthday (The Dursleys forgot of course. If they did remember, they obviously completely ignored it). 

 "Yes please." The two just say there in silence until Harry had finished braiding her ginger hair.

 "Ready for it?" Asked Harry .

 "Ready for it."

 :) :):):):(:):):),') :):0

Hi!!!! Hope you enjoyed my terrible writing!


- Potter's Planet

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