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Junhoe(iKON) asks Dahyun(TWICE) to the Basketball game. So Sana(TWICE) keeps making a big deal that he likes her. But then Popular Jock Kai(EXO) starts taking notice in her, rifiling up the ENTIRE school. Now Dahyun's got a lot of attention on her, not just Kai & Junhoe.
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2. A Brat Tries to Pick a Fight

"Y'all gave me your money earlier so I'll get it. You guys go ahead and get us seats." Jihyo says once we walk in the door.

"Alrighty, let's go," Momo exclaims, dragging Jeongyeon and I by the wrist into the Gymnasium, allowing Sana to follow by her own will.

Momo what the heck! This is my wrist. MINE!

She lets go once we enter.

"There's a place." Jeongyeon points. Following her finger, I see it in the direction of a pretty empty selection of the bleachers.

The gym usually is a really boring brown, but since we have a basketball game tonight, the cheer team hung up some yellow and purple banners to represent our school pride.

I set my bag down on a seat, hoping to save my spot. Whereas Jeongyeon just plomps down on hers.

Jeongyeon is yet another one of my besties. And out of all of us, she was the most tomboyish out of all of us. With black shorts, a black and white halter and a pink jean jacket, her short brown hair complimented it. If anyone of us was thinking about joining the football team it'd be her.

I look down at myself. I had changed before the game because I had felt all sweaty from school. I had put my hair down and had changed my outfit to a yellow and black striped shirt and blue shorts.  

"They're starting the warm-ups," Sana tells us and I start to pay attention to the floor.

The boys filed out of the locker room. If they weren't wearing matching jerseys someone would mistake them for a crowd of boys up to no good. But since they were wearing matching basketball jerseys they looked like they were gonna win a game.

We were up against Cubeilateral High tonight. They may just be our worst rivals. A small school competition between us has been going on for years. It's not that we hated them, it's just that we wanted to beat them.

A couple of kids on the middle school team pulled out a rack of basketballs and started handing them out.

"Dahyun there's Junhoe." Sana smiles pointing at him.

I smile as I see him. If I thought he looked attractive in his normal clothes then I should've said nothing. In his basketball uniform, he looked effing sexy.

"He looks like he was looking for someone," Jeongyeon stated. I watched him noticing that his eyes were scanning the crowd. Searching for someone.

"He's probably looking for Dahyun." Sana giggled, drawing me out of my thoughts.

"Call him!" Momo urged.

"Alrighty," I said, standing up on my seat I cupped my hands around my mouth. Voice don't fail me now. "Junhoe!"

His head jerked in my direction and his face lit up.

It was so cute that I just had to laugh. He had this look of utter control which had just turned into a happy smile. This being. How can someone go from the sexiest thing in the room to looking like a cute little puppy!?!

His smile stayed the same even after a teammate threw a ball at him.

"What'd I miss?" Jihyo asked. Her hair was let down and she was wearing a white shirt with jeans.

"Nothing much. Just Junhoe looking for Dahyun." Momo cooed.

"Seriously?" She looked back to the game. "Is that why he has a puppy dog smile right now?"

"Don't you start too!" I exclaimed. Sana is already saying he likes me, what's gonna happen if she does too!!!

"That's the exact reason why," Jeongyeon said, even after my outburst.

A ball suddenly came out of control bouncing straight towards us.

'It's gonna hit me. It's gonna hit me!' Was all that was in my mind as I raised my arms to protect myself. But it never did. My eyes crept open to see Jeongyeon in front of me with the basketball.

"Yuta!" She yelled. He left the warm-ups and ran over to us. "Keep a hold of your dam ball." She passed the ball back to him. She was furious.

"What got you all worked up?" Momo asked.

Jeongyeons eyes stayed on the field. "Yuta is always the one losing control of his ball. Always."

"You really shouldn't have quit the basketball team Jeongyeon." Momo shook her head.

Jeongyeon had been on the school team at one point but ended up quitting once the other girls stopped caring and started using it as a popularity outlet.

"I'm still on that travel team that FNC holds." She pointed out.

"And you're the best player on that team, too." I smiled. I'm glad she found somewhere to play. She's really talented at Basketball. It's a shame she quit.

"Get the ball!" Jeongyeon shouted.

Gosh yell a little louder and you'll be a soccer mom. I shook my head and returned back to the game.

It was the second quarter. Junhoe had played the first one but had been taken out. It wasn't just him though, all the starters had been switched out. They had done pretty good with the fact they had gotten us twenty-four points. But the group switched out for the second quarter - and I'm sorry to say- it was terrible! And the reason is Bobby was in the second half!

Bobby is a good player he really could've got a point. I mean if he was ever given the ball. I think the boys didn't give him it because he got switched out for DK during the first quarter.

Yuta was also in the second half. The fire in Jeongyeon's eyes was kinda scary.

"If he can't handle the ball correctly, why put him in in the first place!" She mumbled in the middle.


The buzzer rang and we had lost the first half. Twenty-four to thirty-two. The boys were obviously frustrated. These were our rivals though.


The third quarter came and went. We had been fouled three times. Not a single basket had scored though. What happened to all of the skill we had in the first quarter?

The coach switched the entire team back to the starters of the game since they were the only people to get points so far. But they also sucked! Did something happen between the boys in the second quarter?

"Looks like your team sucks."

Now that brought me out of my thoughts. Did she just?

"Never thought I'd see a team that sucks this badly. But I guess expectations don't fit reality." I looked to my right to see a group of girls looking at us.

She was definitely trying to trigger my friends and I. And I guess it was working.

"They are amazing players." Jeongyeon snarled. "You should take a step back down onto your own bridge."

The girl scoffed.

"If they're such amazing players. Then they should have no problem beating us. Oh, wait. We're beating them with no problem. Guess they're not so great."

"Are you so low that when people are so-called 'struggling,' that you take it as a chance to make yourself 'better' than them?"Jihyo asked, ticked.

"Oh, your team isn't struggling. Their failing tremendously." Another girl piped up. "The members who scored all the points in the first half aren't scoring. Take number seven for example. He scored five layups in the first quarter. You see him now? Not a single one."

I guess that broke the straw inside me. Not that she was insulting the team, when you hear parents insult your own team you get used to it. But when she singled out a player and pointed out the described the fault in an insulting matter is not alright.

"C'mon Letter1 Mustangs! Get some points!" I yelled at the team. Which currently consisted of Junhoe, Kai, DK, Kris, and Lucas. I saw them all look at me.

"You did it in the first quarter, pull it back and take the gold!" I cheered.

The looks on their faces looked a little surprised. Well, I mean I usually don't start screaming on the bench, much less at the players.

That smile that Junhoe had in warm-ups came back, but this time it had a look of determination in it. I saw him call the team back together, and when they left the circle all nodding I knew that they had made a plan.

"C'mon Mustangs!" My friends began.

The girl group from earlier rolled their eyes. I saw one of them start to say something, but before she could, Lucas made a layup and the crowd screamed shutting her up.

Whatever plan they had come up with earlier was working. After Lucas made a layup, D.K followed up with a basket from the elbow, then Junhoe with a three-pointer, two in fact. And in that time Kris had gotten eight layups, four from each side.

Even both of Junhoe's three-pointers couldn't have beat what Kai did just before the buzzer rang. He made a basket. From halfcourt!!!!

I screamed like it was no tomorrow, and Sana and I started jumping up and down. I was so happy, we won! What made the victory even sweeter was when the girl group from earlier started huffing and puffing. Guess somebody didn't get what they wanted.

"You may have won this time. But next time we're gonna be the one with all the points." The main one from earlier threatened before they all left.

Welp, that was cliche.

If I was really caring about that last quote I probably would've shot back a comeback but I was so high, not even they could bring me down. We had won fifty to forty-three.


"Y'all ready?" Jihyo asked. Everyone had started to pack up and leave.

"Yeah, I think so," Sana answered and we all started towards the door.

"This was such a good game!" I exclaimed as we walked outside. I mean it was, and we showed those girls up. I'm sorry for whoever they pick on in school.

"Dahyun do you have your phone?" Momo asked.

In question, I patted my pockets. Shock shot through my body. I had left it on the bench!

They all laugh. Guys this isn't funny!

"I'mma go get my phone. Wait for me!" I ran back inside the school. Slightly panicking. I hope I left it where I think I did. I'd be dead if it wasn't.

I dashed into the gymnasium and towards the spot I had been sitting at. I slowed down when I saw someone already there.

They had their back turned so I couldn't see who it was. But I knew that I had left my phone when I saw them have it in their hand.

"Excuse me, that's my-"

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