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Junhoe(iKON) asks Dahyun(TWICE) to the Basketball game. So Sana(TWICE) keeps making a big deal that he likes her. But then Popular Jock Kai(EXO) starts taking notice in her, rifiling up the ENTIRE school. Now Dahyun's got a lot of attention on her, not just Kai & Junhoe.
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1. I Get Triggered By A Stubborn Person

"Dahyun, are you coming to the Basketball game tonight?" I turn to see that Junhoe had been talking to me.

I'm Dahyun Kim. I'm a Junior in Letter1 Highschool. I have a blondish brown hair all tied up in a bun atop my head. And currently - courtesy of my closet - am wearing a white t-shirt that says "PLE" on the breast, and a blue and white buttoned gingham skirt. Around my neck was a small silver necklace and I had this black backpack that is currently in my locker.

I'm a spunky kid, I'll just give that to you. I don't like doing things the normal way, and I don't like doing things in an average fashion. Don't mistake me as a scaredy-cat. I hate that. I'm a strong confident woman, so that's what I'd like to be referred to as.

"It's a home game right?" I ask as I put my books from History back in my locker.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna be a point guard tonight too." He smiled.

I'm going to be straightforward with you all. Junhoe is gorgeous, I mean he is a freakin' heavenly being. I've had ons and offs with guys, thinking some as cute, some as attractive, just like any normal girl. But Junhoe? He takes the cake.

He was wearing a white collared button-up with a sweater on top, and a yellow ribbon on the right shoulder. His bottoms were a pair of grey pants with a chain coming from the left pocket. His hair was styled but had this natural feel with it. Whatever he put together, he pulled it off.

Junhoe was this strong, confident guy in my school. He was in the teachers' good books, and a great basketball player. He was a starting player, and all you athlete's out there know how important it is to be a starter.

"I'll be there alright. Play well for me Kay?" I tell him. He nods and a small blush arises on his cheeks. What's that for?

"Only if you're there. I'll play for you."

I feel my cheeks heat up. Why's he saying that? You know what, he's probably joking with me. The dudes do that. "I'll be there don't worry." I punch him on the shoulder, not hard of course.

"Junhoe, come on, you're gonna be late for Science. Did you forget it's on the other side of campus?" Bobby asked, dragging Junhoe off to class.

Bobby has this brunette-ish hair that was just a mess. I mean it looked brushed, but it also looked winded. Like someone put him in front of a fan and put the fan on full blast. Knowing his friends though that probably happened. He wore a plain black hoodie over a white tee and jeans, yet he also - and pulled it off - wore some jewellery. A chain necklace and some small hoop looking earrings. I honestly don't know what they're called.

Bobby was one of Junhoe's friends. He was also a starter on the Basketball team. But that was it out of Junhoe's friends that were starters. The rest were taken by the 'kings.'

I laugh and put the rest of my things in my locker. These boys in my school. Coming and leaving, and just popping out of nowhere. I swear they're all on something.

"DAHYUN! DAHYUN DAHYUN DAHYUN!!!!" I turn around once again. But this time to be run over by Sana.

"Oof." I sit up and glare at Momo. While getting up I saw that I had brought entertainment to the bystanders in the hallway when I was getting run over by a bulldozer.

Sana's dirty blonde hair was brushed and was just let loose, looking cute as it was. She wore a fuzzy white long-sleeved shirt tucked into a nude coloured skirt. With a natural makeup look and silver ball earrings topping it off.

Momo's black hair was also brushed and let loose, but hers looked perfect and was all settled down. She had a white T-shirt that had food pictures on it, and these ripped jean shorts that were too short so she wore spandex underneath them. A coral bag accompanied her on her shoulder.

Sana and Momo were two of my best friends the other six were somewhere else in the school. Sana was a cute, quirky, girly girl, and Momo was a strong leader, who prefered pants to skirts.

"I'm so sorry Dahyun!" Exclaimed Sana as she gave me a hand. I took it and picked myself off the ground.

"That was Junhoe you were just with right?" Momo asked as she gave me my things that had spilled on the floor.

"Yeah." I dusted myself off and set my things in my locker.

"What'd he want?"

"Just wanted to see if I was gonna be at the game tonight."

"It's a home game right?"


"He's got a thing for you Dahyun!" Sana smiled.

I looked at her like she grew two heads.


"He likes you Dahyun!" She continued.

"I'm sorry, you've got something wrong. He-"

"Came up to you and asked you if you were going to the game-"

"Doesn't mean he likes me!" I exasperated. I don't know where Sana was going with this. I'm not cute. I'm not attractive. I'm pretty average. If Junhoe likes me of all people, he's got pretty low standards.

"Okay, okay. Break it up kiddies." Momo cut in.

"What's going on here?" A boy walks up to us asking. A cap adorned his head.

"Hey, Chanwoo. Sana's insisting on something, and Dahyun's countering it as wrong." Momo explained.

Chanwoo was this bright, level-headed kid in my grade that I was proud to say I was friends with. He usually wore plain clothing, but somehow spread positivity through it. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, other then he's someone you can count on.

Chanwoo had on this black baseball cap that said 5OEA, a long-sleeved blue hoodie that said, "have a good day," with a white shirt underneath, and jeans.

"Maybe I can help. Tell the facts and we can figure it out." He says. Thankfully he showed up at the right time, who knew what would've happened? I really hoped he was gonna get on my side of the argument. I did not need another person saying Junhoe liked me.

"I'm saying Junhoe likes her-"

"Which he doesn't."

"Alright, alright calm down, Dahyun. Sana, why do you say he likes her?"

"He just asked if she was going to the game tonight!"

"Sana. That's not a valid reason." Chanwoo says with a questioning expression on his face.

"Yeah, it is! If a guy likes a girl and he's on the basketball team and asks that girl if she is gonna be there. He likes her!"

"So if I was like, 'Hey Momo. You going to the basketball game tonight?'" Chanwoo asks.

"Yeah," Momo replies, nodding her head.

"Does that mean I like her?"

"Well - you - yes?"



Chanwoo nods. "Doesn't mean so."

Nayeon sets her arms on Sana and Momo, dropping her weight onto the two. "Guys. Math starts in a minute come on."

Nayeon's black hair was set loose around her head and a small gold hoop was on her left ear. She had a white long sleeved shirt on that said Queen, and jeans.

Nayeon's another one of my besties, like Momo and Sana, we're all part of the same group. Nayeon prefers to look pulled together all the time, doesn't matter what she wears. But she rocks it.


"Mrs. Brickins loves writing tardies," I state. Crap. I did not need a tardy. And from Mrs. Brickins nonetheless.

We all look at eachother before running towards Math.

(1296 words)


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