Falling -Ethan Dolan Fan Fiction-



1. Chapter 1

I've been anticipating this moment all summer. It is the night before I have to leave and go to Los Angeles for college. While I'm very excited to start this next chapter in my life, my heart aches at the thought of leaving Jace behind. We began dating our sophomore year of high school and I have been head over heels for him since then. I begged him over and over to come to UCLA with me but he refused to leave home. We made promises to keep in touch and visit when we can, we refuse to let distance get in the way of our relationship we have built together.

As Jace zipped up my final bag he looked at me and smiled "I'm going to miss you so much." He pulls me into his embrace and we just stand there for a minute. "You'll come visit right?" I ask. "Of course I will." he responds as he kisses me. We lay together for awhile and just enjoy each others company until we eventually fall asleep.

My alarm goes off at 6 am signaling that it was in fact time to get everything together to go to the airport. As I got ready Jace and I exchanged our goodbyes and he carried my suitcases to the car. I was not bringing much from home with me, besides my clothes, due to the intention of buying everything I need when I get to LA anyway.

"Elle its time to go!" My parents scream from down the stairs. We hop into the car and drive the almost dreaded drive to the airport. They help me check in my luggage and then we say our goodbyes as my parents shed a tear it takes everything in me not to. As I get through security the nerves of being on my own begin to settle in. I wouldn't see Jace or my parents every day like I became used to doing. The flight felt like it took forever and as nervous as I was I couldn't wait to get to my dorm room and lay down. An Uber picked me up outside of the airport after I retrieved my luggage and drove me to campus. I couldn't believe that this was it. I was finally in college in a place I have always wanted to be. Pulling into campus I could not help but admire the beauty and start to get excited at the fact that this was now home for awhile.

The driver stopped in front of my dorm building and I unloaded all of my bags. At this point I was happy with the choice I made to only bring a couple bags and just buy whatever else I needed but it still would have been nice to have Jace here to help me. I walked up to the expensive building doors and made a habit to look around and take everything in. That's when I spotted a group of guys sitting at a table. One of them in specific caught my eye, he had dark brown hair that was brushed up from his forehead, golden brown eyes, and an amazing smile. I didn't realize I had been staring until I backed up and bumped into someone. I mumble a 'sorry' without looking up and hurried into the building.

After a short elevator ride I repeat 381 over and over until I am standing in front of the door with the numbers 381 plastered on the front. I unlock it and walk in to see my roommate already there decorating her side of the room. We had talked a couple times over the summer and knew we had the potential of becoming really close friends this year. Her name was Jess, she had immediately stopped what she was doing and smiled at me while she gave me a hug and grabbed one of my bags. She was rather tall with a golden California tan. She had long blonde hair and beautiful green eyes and was rather gorgeous compared to myself being only 5'1 with a boring olive skin tone, light blue eyes, and long brown hair. "I'm really glad you're finally here. We got invited to a party tonight. You're coming right?" She sits on her bed and looks at me waiting for my answer. "Yeah. Of course." I smile. I went to a couple parties in high school but never really drank much because I was always the designated driver for Jace and his friends as well as mine. It kind of excites me to have things be a little different for a change. "Great! I have the perfect outfit planned. I'll let you unpack and then we can pick something for you too."

We made a bunch of small talk as we unpacked and decorated the room. Jess even went with me to get everything I didn't have from the store. We finished around 8 and decided to start getting ready. She had picked out a silk red tank top that hung down in the front almost to the belly button with a pair of black shorts. While I decided not to reveal my chest as much I went with a black cropped off the shoulder top with white high waisted shorts and while Jess decided to wear heels I wore combats. She then began to curl her hair while I straightened mine. After applying makeup we grabbed our stuff and left. "Do you know where this place is?" I asked.

"I have it plugged into my phone. It shouldn't be too far." We walked a little farther when we spotted the rather larger house in the area with an overwhelming large amount of people gathered in front and looked to be inside as well. "I'm guessing that's it." Jess laughed. We walked through the front door to what seemed to be hundreds of people. There was barely room to walk through. Jess stopped the first boy she saw and asked him where to find the drinks. We made a gesture to a room that seemed a lot more empty then the one we were in. "What will you be drinking tonight?" She asked. "Surprise me." I smiled. I looked around at all the people dancing. Jess handed me my drink and that's when I spotted him again. For a college boy he had a more masculine structure to him and he was rather handsome. "Who is that?" I yelled to Jess over the music. "Him?" She tilted her head in his direction and I nodded. "He's the one who gave me the invite. It's his place I guess." She shrugged. "Let's go dance." She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room which happened to be the dance floor for the night. After awhile I decided to step out back for air that wasn't filled with sweat and alcohol.

Surprisingly when I stepped out back there was only a couple people already standing out there. I pulled out my phone and realized it was almost midnight. I texted Jace anyway, despite the time, 'It's weird without you. I miss you already.'.  I looked up to see a large under ground pool covering most of the yard. I took my shoes off and placed my feet into the water. It felt amazing after dancing for so long. I heard the back door open and close again, when I turned to look that's when I saw him step out. The beautiful boy that I continue to see everywhere.

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