Rayn is a high tier sorcerer, renown throughout the kingdom for her skill and as a brown-skinned beauty. Nowadays the esteemed sorcerer spends her time training her apprentice, Vel Bambi, her only protege. She also carries out missions for the Revliore Kingdom, home to some of the most powerful people in the world.

Author's note

This is to my friend Raina, you reminded me of my love for writing.

1. The Sorceress

~ ACT 1 ~


Rayn stared ahead at her foolish apprentice and groaned with impatience, tapping loudly at the handle of the ornate staff, clasped in her hands. Her face was quite attractive for someone known to be a witch, but now it was furrowed in annoyance, and she watched as her apprentice, Vel Bambi, cast the spell once again, for a short moment his hand beheld a glowing golden flame that shone like the morning sun, before the flame flickered, sparkled and finally fizzled out of existence. Rayn closed her eyes with a sigh, rubbing her temple to ease the headache that had worked up as a result of witnessing failure of even the most basic of spells she knew of. She leaned her head back, rolling it to stretch her neck, and exposed her soft skin to the morning sun, enjoying the warmth comfortably. Vel was next to useless as an apprentice, it had been months and he still didn’t show a trace of a talent for magic. Rayn considered yet again in sending the child away as a means to an end of this fruitless venture, and wondered why he even chose to stay with her.
  Flitting her eyes open, Rayn announced quietly, “Enough Vel, that’s enough.”

   Vel collapsed heavily onto the ground, he was covered in sweat and quite obviously exhausted. He was a short boy with blonde hair, which was fashioned in the traditional bowl cut that every apprentice was accustomed to take. He opened his eyes and looked up at her, and her eyes softened, her annoyance already forgotten. That was the reason why she kept him here, he was such a cute little boy, often reminding her of a small dog, especially with those round brown eyes that matched that of an adorable puppy.
  “C-Could you please, pleasee show me again Miss Rayn? I’m soo very close,” Vel stuttered back at her.

   Rayn sighed again, she had shown it to him a hundred times, it was so simple but he made it seem so infuriating complex, and it was this simplicity that led her to do it again. She held out her hand lazily and almost instantly a golden flame ignited and danced over her palm, she let it grow and then split it into five separate flames and let one rest on the tip of each of her fingers. Then she brought them back together one flame and watched as it grew into a massive blazing inferno hovering above her, as if attempting to rival the sun. Then, a moment later, closed her hand into a fist and the massive fire, flashed and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Without a trace.
  But the effect it had on Vel was massive, he was sitting up, wide eyed and in complete awe of his master, and he leapt back onto his feet to attempt it again. But like it had a hundred times before, the spell failed before it could even last a moment.
  “Vel, I thought I said enough? It’s time for me to leave,” she declared, rising to her feet, and let her staff go so that she she could stretch her arms wide. Instead of falling to the ground, the staff just hovered where she had released it, and followed her as she began to walk off.
  Her apprentice bounded up after her and asked confused, “Go? Go where?”
  “Down the mountain of course, i'm going into town, i’ve been requested,” Rayn said without skipping a beat, while the boy struggled to keep up with her pace.
  Rayn's home was located at the top of an age old dead volcano, within its crater, which was now covered in greenery and trees and the only building that lay within was her own. The reason being that the only way for one to reach her home was via magic, and from the few who did know magic, none dare to invade the territory of one of the greatest sorcerers in the land.
  “Summoned? You’ve been summoned? By who? Is it Kieran?” Vel asked after her.
  “No, it most definitely isn’t, i’d rather swallow a thousand spiders than see him again, besides he can't summon me, he's not my boss,” Rayn replied, visibly annoyed.

   Kieran was one of her least liked people, but that was a stark contrast to how the rest of the world treated him, for the greatest swordsman in the kingdom was much appraised. He basically had every girl falling for him, save one, Rayn. The very mention of his name had brought her rage simmering and her magic reacted to it causing her eyes to grow dark and a dangerous aura began to emanate from her. Vel quickly noticed and managed to shift the focus off the man, “then who? Surely not the king himself?”
  The aura faded, the royal family was the only people that could put Kieran's looks to shame. 

   She shook her head, “Nah, the King wouldn't, I was summoned by prince Lenri, he has a mission for me, i don't know the details but I should heed his call, it never ends well if you piss off royalty, one misstep and you have the whole world against you.”
  Their walk had just began to rise as they neared the rim of the crater, when she stopped and turned to the puppy eyed boy. “Practise, remember, it’s not about the volume of the flame or the output, when you try to go big, you burn out, so start small, the scroll I gave you should explain it all, now stay good, and study, I’ll be back by lunch.”
  And with that Rayn cast her spell of flight, hovering into the sky before shooting ahead to disappear over the rim.

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