The life of Ben


50. Part five/The twins.

Chapter 50 Part five/The twins.

   Jimmy was really pissed off with Jason for, whenever Stephan was around he would become possessive by either draping his arm over Jimmy’s shoulder of giving him a kiss.  He was like a dog marking its territory, saying this is mine so keep off which Jimmy found most embarrassing. It got so bad that one-night Jimmy decided to say something. He told Jason, “No way am I anyone’s property. So stop acting like an arse hole.”

  Jason’s reacted badly and kicked Jimmy out of bed telling him to “Fuck off,” back to his own room.

   In the morning at breakfast the two boys were barely talking to each other.

   Once again it fell to Ben to solve their petty squabbles. So instead of banging their head together as he would have liked to. Ben got Jimmy alone and asked him what was going on.  After listening to him complain about how he felt that Jason was being unfair and too possessive, Ben explained to him that Jason was only acting like that because he was scared of losing him. This made Jimmy feel bad and he agreed that he should have reassured Jason instead of being annoyed with him.

   Next Ben confronted Jason sulking in his bedroom Ben listened this time to what Jason had to say. He then told him to stop being a fool because Jimmy did love him and he should allow him some freedom as Jimmy would always in the end to come back to him. 

   The rest of the day, the two boys were at least friendly.

   That evening after supper when it was bedtime Jimmy tentatively knocked on Jason’s door.


   “No way, that’s so gross,” Jimmy declared. Ben didn’t hear Stephan’s reply as by then they had reached the beach and were running towards the water.

   Ben was pleased that Jason had listened to his advice and was giving Jimmy room to enjoy his friendship with Stephan. Even though to Ben it was obvious Jason was not happy with all the physical contact that went on between them.

   From the patio Ben could see that the boys had been joined in the water by two others, a boy and a girl.


   Jimmy was pleased to meet the twins but was disappointed when Harry, instead of wearing the see- through when wet swimming costume that Stephan had told him about, was today wearing a standard pair of boxer style ones.

   Linda did most of the talking as it appeared Harry was shy especially around Jimmy. This was strange, as yesterday he had been as talkative as his sister.

   Stephan not one to let thing go, asked, “Harry, why so quiet?”

   Linda answered for Harry looking straight at Jimmy, “You’re the one in the YouTube video aren’t you?”

   Stephan watched Harry as Jimmy did his usual about turn and pushed down his swimming pants, so exposing his great arse cheeks together with the trade mark tattoo on his left buttock. This certainly got a reaction from Harry, forcing him to suddenly head for the water, closely followed by Stephan and the others all laughing.


   Stephan teased Harry, who retaliated by splashing him. This set them all off splashing each other.

   They played in the water and on the beach until lunchtime, when the boys invited the twins back to the beach house for a meal of cold meats and a salad buffet followed by fresh fruit.

   Ben and Pat liked the twins especially Harry, who became quiet again after meeting Jason, who he recognised from the fashion catalogues.

   After lunch Stephan and Linda chatted while everyone else played hand ball on the beach.

   Stephan soon found Linda was a kindred spirit because they liked doing the same things.


   Pat, hearing that the twins were attending another party that evening, suggested they might like to come back with Stephan afterwards.

Later Pat told Ben when they were alone that she thought that Stephan was showing all the signs of being bisexual.


   Even though it was early and the party was still in full swing, Harry had wanted to go back to the beach house with Jimmy, leaving Stephan and Linda, who appeared to be enjoying themselves.

   Unfortunately, there was more drink than food at the party. So it didn’t take long before both Stephan and Linda became merry.  In that state, they started unsteadily to make their way back towards the beach house. On the way Linda tripped and fell pulling Stephan down. Laughing fit to bust, they fell into each other’s arms.  Then it happened they started kissing and, as their bodies pressed tightly together, Stephan got an erection for the first time with a girl. It wasn’t just the drink talking, he really did fancy her. 


  Stephan felt terrible the next morning. His head hurt and he felt so embarrassed. Although he had experienced a body reaction last night and even though Linda had been willing, he had not actually had full sex with her yet. Just thinking about her made him hard now.

   God, how could he face her again knowing what had happened? Thankfully at the time she had not laughed, it would have been too humiliating.

   Oh my god a thought crossed Stephan’s mind. No way, she wouldn’t would she? Knowing Linda and her blabber mouth, it was possible she had told her brother and so everyone would know.

When he did eventually reach the patio, Jimmy was there with Harry and confirmed his worst fears.


   Pat had thought Stephan might be bisexual and seeing him last night, giving Linda a goodbye kiss rather confirmed it.

   This morning she had to laugh when she noticed poor Stephan being teased by the other boys.

    As for Linda, although last night’s kiss had been long and tender, this morning she was mad as hell and no longer talking to Stephan.

    Usually Pat would have left it to Ben to sort out the boys’ problems, with her guidance, but this was different it being with another girl.

   “Hello Linda,” Pat said, as she approached the girl sitting alone on the beach.

   “Hi,” Linda replied.

   “What wrong?” Pat asked sitting down on the sand next to her.

   “Stephan, I hate him!”

   “Oh dear what’s he done to deserve that?” Pat said in a sympathetic voice.

   “After last night I thought he liked me, but this morning he spoilt it all, by accusing me of telling my brother about something that had happened during our walk back from the party.”

   “I can’t see Stephan’s problem. It was obvious to everyone to see last night, by the state of your clothes, you’d been enjoying yourselves on the sand.”

   “Oh no, it wasn’t because of that.” Linda said very seriously.

    Intrigued now, Pat asked, “So what was it then?”

   “If I tell you, promise you won’t say anything.” Linda said looking worried.   

   “Cross my heart and hope to die, I will not breathe a word.” Sam whispered.

   “Well you see I had tripped on our walk back to the beach house and had fallen pulling Stephan down on top of me. We were laughing and suddenly we were kissing. It was then I felt he liked me.” Linda looking up at Pat’s puzzled expression, and said “You know he had an erection. Well what happened next was the thing that embarrassed Stephan. You see I just touched it and he shot his load. Thankfully it was pointing away from me otherwise it would have been rather messy.”

   This last bit of information set Pat off laughing followed by Linda, who was no longer annoyed and now saw the funny side of it all. 


   Pat thought lunch was a hoot. Jimmy and Harry were still teasing poor Stephan. Linda had given them more ammunition by handing Stephan a can of Pepsi which, unbeknown to her, Harry had a few seconds earlier shaken. So when Stephan pulled the tab the liquid contents exploded with an upwards whoosh.

   It was when Linda, after rushing over with a cloth to wipe the liquid dripping from Stephan’s hair had remarked that she hadn’t realised it would be so sticky, that the boys fell about laughing.

   This did not amuse Linda, who told he brother to stop it and reminded him that people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones. This quickly shut him up.


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