The life of Ben


49. Ben and Stephan


Chapter 49 Ben and Stephan

   At first, Stephan was upset being left behind when Ben and the boys had gone to America. Then there had been the constant talking with Jimmy on the pad that made it a bit better and at the same time worse for although he could see Jimmy’s cute face and they could laugh together at some silly joke. They couldn’t physically touch and he really missed that.

   Stephan wanting to get away from the other Polish boys he shared a room with, thought he might stay in Ben’s empty flat in Hampstead. Unfortunately, after picking, the locks, he found the code numbers to switch off the alarm wouldn’t work, so he had quickly relocked the place and just got away before the alarm started going off. 

   Thankfully, Ben’s partner, Danny, who was keeping him busy with both videoing a couple of weddings, editing them and helping with the studio work, and solved Stephan’s problem of where to sleep. He had suggested clearing out the junk in a room upstairs the studio, next to the bathroom, where there was already a bed. 


   The flight to New York had been quite an experience for Stephan. Thankfully the seat Ben had booked him gave ample room for his long legs. However, he had felt sick on take-off and couldn’t relax. He had just fallen asleep, when the little boy sitting in the seat next to him wanted to go to the toilet and his mother of course had to go with him, so Stephan had to get up and let them out. At least this allowed him to stretch his legs. Now wide-awake while standing in the isle waiting for them to return, he retrieved a porn magazine from his luggage stored in the overhead unit to read.

   Later after the mother and son had returned to their seats, Stephan again sitting down opened the magazine and was reading or rather looking at the pictures.  When the mother had leaned over the little boy and interrupted him by saying, she was as broad minded as the next person, but thought it was inappropriate for him to be reading such a magazine, while her son was sitting next to him. 

   Stephan never one to be intimidated, suggested she should change places with her son if it worried her.

   On arrival Ben was waiting for Stephan. On the drive from the airport, Ben gave him the bad news.  Donald had refused to let him work or even allow Stephan to visit the studio because he didn’t have a green card.

   This was very disappointing for Stephan, as it meant he had come all this way to America for nothing.

   Ben wanting Stephan’s input instead of going straight to the beach house, he drove directly to the agency building where using his swipe card he gained access to the studio.

   Looking around Stephan was surprised, how small the studio was and immediately could see why Ben and Jimmy were having problems. It was really only designed for taking still fashion photos and not suitable for videoing.


   Ben asked, Stephan, “Have you seen enough?”

   “Yes,” Stephan replied. “I have a few ideas that might help.”

   Ben suggested that they leave as he was getting worried people were arriving and he didn’t want Donald to find out Stephan had visited the studio.

   On the drive to the beach house, Stephan told Ben he could possibly by using a set of all round plain green curtains. Overcome his problems. He explained this would enable them to isolate the model, then when editing, run a second video with the desired background.


   At the beach house Ben introduced Stephan to Pat who was having breakfast on the patio. After which he showed Stephan to the guest bedroom, so he could catch up on his sleep.  


   When Ben returned to the patio. Pat exclaimed “Wow, so that’s Stephan, no wonder Jimmy was so upset when Jason slept with him.” 

   “Hopefully, that’s not a problem now,” Ben replied.

   “Maybe Stephan should go to a hotel if you think there’s going to be a problem,” Pat suggested. 

   “No way. It’s best if he stays here, so we can keep an eye on him and what’s going on. I’m sure you’ve noticed Jimmy’s forgiven Jason and they are sharing a bed so nothing can happen at night anyway.”  


   Stephan awoke having slept for hours according to his watch and the bedside clock, which showed it was late afternoon. He stretched and marvelled at the size of the bed, got up and padded naked to his bathroom. After a shave and shower, feeling refreshed, he came back into the bedroom wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist.

   He was wondering what to wear, when he noticed someone had been in his room. On the bed was a snazzy pair of swimming pants and a t-shirt.


   Ben watched Jimmy’s reaction when Stephan came out dressed in the clothes he had left for him on the bed. Jimmy had a great big smile on his face and was out of his chair before the others on the patio had noticed Stephan was there. Ben observed them together. There was no big embrace, just a quiet touching of the hands while they talked and moved into the kitchen to get food. Ben thought maybe Pat was right, having Stephan stay might be a problem.


   Stephan couldn’t stop smiling. He and Jimmy were alone in the kitchen. He had told Jimmy about the incident on the plane with him reading the gay porn magazine and the woman’s reaction.

   “Oh my god,” Jimmy laughing exclaimed, “You mean in front of all those people. You were openly reading a gay porn magazine. Wow you were brave.  No way could I have done such a thing.”

   “It was no big deal,” Stephan said. Pleased he had impressed Jimmy.

   “Did anyone else see what you were reading?” Jimmy enquired.

   “Well the flight steward, who I think must have been gay gave me a knowing look when he passed. By then I was getting too aroused, so I put the magazine in the pocket with all the other magazines. Hopefully he found it when checking the plane after we left.”

   “Hello Stephan, I thought I heard voices,” Jason said, entering the kitchen and slinging a possessive arm over Jimmy’s shoulder.

    Stephan got Jason’s hands-off message loud and clear.


   Ben contacted Donald and arranged with him to obtain a single green curtain. He didn’t mention that this suggestion came from Stephan, only that he had read about this process called “Chromakey” on the internet and thought it might solve their problems. Apparently, the theory was that by using the colour green as a background, the   computer software would identify and ignore the green pixels, leaving the photo or video area behind the model transparent, so allowing one to insert a background of one’s own choosing.


   Ben swore in frustration, Jimmy had just finished processing the trial photos on the computer and not all the background was clear. After consulting with Stephan on Jimmy’s pad, Ben took more photos making sure that the green curtain had sufficient lighting to dispel any shadows caused by the model’s lighting. This time success, the background was totally transparent.


   Stephan was left at the beach house while Ben and the boys worked in the studio. He was alone most of the day except for the housekeeper, who looked after the place as part of the rental agreement, leaving him free time to go walking along the beach. Thankfully, it was the summer break so there were lot of college boys and girls around.


  Ben didn’t know what to do about Stephan. Just him being there was causing friction between the other two boys. When Ben told Pat he was thinking of putting Stephan up in a local hotel, she reminded him of what he had said about keeping an eye on Stephan when he first arrived, and that he had pointed out as Jason was sharing a bed with Jimmy nothing could happen at night. In any case she had grown to like Stephan for he was always polite, obliging, and he was nice to look at. She thought it a pity he was gay.


    Stephan had never had a holiday so found being on the beach fun, especially with so many randy young people around. At first It had amazed him how many times he had been approached by both guys and girls wanting to have sex. At night, one almost couldn’t move without coming across a couple doing it.


   It was while waiting in line for food at a beach party that Stephan got his first glimpse of Harry. The boy had just come out of the water. Not only was he handsome one could see he was well endowed because his swimming costume due to the water had become almost transparent so exposing everything he had down below.

   Suddenly a girl came rushing over with a towel to cover him up.


   Much later Stephan found out that the boy was Harry and the girl his sister was Linda and they also came from London and even stranger still they had been on the same flight as he had.


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