Love Across The Ages

Maids, servants, kings, princes, silk production non existent along with coffee. Where is Amanda? The 1400s? Close. Europe early 14th century, the 1300s.


1. The Servant


Amanda opened her blue eyes to a dusty attic, she was under a rough blanket that did little to warm her from the cold stone floor. "Where am I?" She thought, this wasn't her home, not one of her friend or family members either. So where could she be?

A knock rasped the heavy wood door and someone called in, "Merlin get ready! I know you're new but the Prince does not like a cold breakfast."
"Uh but I don't know a prince..."
"What do you mean? You're one of his personal servants remember?"
Dead footsteps echo in from outside, "Ah! Keeper!"
"Where is Merlin?"
"I was just waking her up, and she was about to go to work."
"Yeah right." The voice bursts through the door, and a cross round man of about mid 30s enters.
"Merlin! Get to work now!"
"No, I don't know you and I will not-" She stands in defiance of the strange man
The stout man promptly delivers a strike across her face, cutting her off, "You will either work or live on the streets!" With that he hurried out of the room.
"Merlin you are such an idiot..."
"My name's not Merlin though."
"Oh, really what is it? The Goddess?"
"No, Amanda."
"That is the... ugh nevermind."
"Well, it looks like I have no choice, what do I do again?"
"You're the personal servant to the Prince."
"Where am I?"
"The castle..."
"What castle? Like what kingdom?"
I chuckle, "And I'm rich."
"No really, Atlantis, the haven? You grew up here Mer."
"One my name is not Mer, Two Atlantis is a myth about a kingdom sinking into the ocean."
"You're crazy, get dressed and I'll see you in the kitchens."
"I don't know my way around."
"Oh right! Get ready and I'll be right outside to take you there."
"Where are my clothes?"
"Right in that wardrobe."
She leaves the room and Amanda looks to the hunk of rotting wood that is her wardrobe, opening it she sees an arrange of dresses in faded colors, many with patches. If she is to be in ancient times, she shall be in ancient times. However, she will look good doing it, these patches look nothing like those rich girls and until she found her way back, she thought she might try to fall in love. After picking the richest color she could find she found more patches in the wardrobe's bottom and set to work. She looked at herself in a mirror she found by the window, she tore the patches to create a layered look on her skirt and it looks nice to her. She kicks her legs and moves all around the room to test if something affects the movability and is pleased to find nothing does. After approving her new dress she goes out into the hallway to meet up with the girl whose reaction is just what Amanda hoped for.


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