Jimmy the alien



24. 24

Chapter 24

      I had discovered looking through my dad’s computer that he owned another house or at least the top half of one. Funnily enough I passed it every day going to and from school.

    It looked nice from the outside and had its own street door. On my first visit I took along my Dads tuning fork shaped key, the one I used to get in to his room in our house. There was a young woman in the front drive unloading her car. “Hello can I help you,” she asked as I approached the door. “Hi my name’s Jimmy. My Dad, owns the upstairs flat number 22a.” I replied with a smile.

     “Hi I’m Wendy, I was only thinking the other day I hadn’t seen or heard the man who lives upstairs lately.

    “He’s fine,” I lied not wishing to say he was dead and getting into all that. “He’s away and has given me a key so I can use the place to study and do other things.”

     “Oh, well it’s been nice meeting you Jimmy but please remember not to be too noisy as I live under you and sound travels.” I had to smile at this statement and thought as she turned away, “No loud parties then.”

      It took me two whole weeks of hard work to transfer the contents from each drawer under the screen in my Dad’s room to the flat. Some mornings my backpack was so full, I even had to return home afterwards to collect my school books.     Thankfully, the day before the intruders returned, I had replaced the paper-thin computer with a more conventional type one but hi tech. I had actually stolen it from a lab in London and, after scrubbing it clean of data, I had installed it. Its screen was fitted to the wall. The tower unit with a mouse and keyboard were on the desk. As for the door lock, I had found an instruction programme to allow me to deactivate it and also remove it.  

     Once again, I was upstairs when the soldiers came. Creeping from my bedroom, I crossed the landing and looked over the banisters. The soldiers were again at the door to my Dad’s room. I heard the man who was apparently the locksmith telling the others that the lock had been changed and he could easily pick it. Once the door was opened the soldiers stood aside.

         Within a few minutes a man and woman dressed in casual clothes came into view. Closing my eyes, I stretched out with my mind and read their thoughts. They were both computer experts and were very excited at first, but soon felt let down. The information they had been given was apparently wrong, although the computer in the room was hi tech. It was not what they had been told to expect. Disappointedly, they left taking the computer and screen with them.

     I tracked the Americans all the way back to their embassy where they looked the computer over. They found some interesting software, which made operation ‘Snatch’ second time lucky and not a total dead loss.

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