Lincoln and family

Lincoln finds out that his son is gay


5. 5

Chapter 5

   It was Sunday and I always enjoyed reading the newspapers, especially after a good lunch. Today Helen had cooked one of my favourite meals, roast beef with lots of roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding followed by a slice of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top. Sitting comfortable in my armchair, I unfolded the paper and scanned the headlines. A photo caught my interest. It was of a well-known TV celebrity, who had died not so long ago.

   On reading the article, I was appalled to discover that this so-called do-gooder had over a number of years physically abused many young people. Also, due to this revelation, others were coming forward to tell their stories of similar happenings.

   In my case it had been different unlike those people, there had never been any physical or sexual abuse. I couldn’t show bruises or broken bones yet the scars were there, deep down under the surface. It was my father’s long periods of angry silence that had hurt as much as any laying on of a hand or fist. It all started after the accidental death of my older brother John. It had been cold that winter, so cold that the pond we teenagers would swim in during the summer had frozen over and like a fool I had decided to skate on it. At first it had been fun until I hit thin ice and I was only saved by John jumping in.  

   Slowly the effects of my lunch made me drowsy. Still holding onto the open newspaper, I fell asleep, only to dream of the good and bad days of my youth.

  According to the clock over the fireplace, I had only been asleep for a short while when the phone ringing had disturbed me. I yawned, stretched and sat up. The forgotten newspaper, lying across my lap, slipped off and fell to the floor, the loose sheets ending up scattered around my feet. I had just picked up the paper and was now engrossed in an article about the pros and cons of gay marriage, when Helen, who had finished her phone conversation, came into the room and announced, “That was Steven on the phone.”

   Without looking up from the newspaper, I acknowledged, “I thought it must have been him with you asking about flying lessons.”

   “Well, if you take your nose out of that paper, I have some news to tell you.”

   I lowered the paper as requested.

   “He was phoning from Heathrow and said not to worry about collecting them.”

   “Did he actually say them plural?  You know your hearing isn’t that good lately, Helen.”

   “Yes, he did and I can hear perfectly well, at least on the land line. He also said they would be staying at, ‘The Ritz Hotel’” 


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