Avengers: Aurora's Ascension

Aurora and Loki's journey isn't over yet! This time, Aurora goes on a journey through her past as she learns about who she really is. Will she be able to save her homeworld with the help of Loki & the Avengers & the Guardians of the Galaxy? Only one way to find out - read all about it in Avengers: Aurora's Ascension!


1. Chapter 1

It’s been a few long months since Loki’s return to the Earth he now calls home. He brought back someone with him too, a girl named Aurora. Their journey had truly been a dreadful one, but also one where they learned to love each other. 


Now, the two along with Thor reside in New Asgard, somewhere on a continent named Australia. 


It was a fine morning, the people were up and about, doing their usual daily business, except for one individual. She was still asleep, in her hut and someone decided to go wake her up. 


He slowly cracked the barely stable door open and walked in. 

“Morning, princess of Asgard-” He said, as he approached the part of the hut where her bedroom was. She didn’t even move a muscle, as he sat down next to her. Just a short while after, she opened her eyes and almost pushed him off. 


“Wake me up this early again and I swear I’ll blast you on the wall and mount you as a decoration-” She took a better look, rubbing her eyes as she spoke in anger and then she saw him trying to not laugh. “...Loki?!” She said, in a rather high tone. 


“Morning.” He repeated, since the first time he walked in there she didn’t hear him say it. 


“Good morning...I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else.” She sighed. 


“Perhaps you confused me with a certain blonde, muscular sibling of mine?” He grinned. She just threw one pillow in his face. 


“Shut up. Where is the mighty ex-king anyhow?” She asked him. He grabbed the pillow and just pushed her back on the bed with it. 


“Don’t know, and quite frankly do not care in the slightest...now how shall I punish the subject who dared lay a hand on the prince of Asgard-” He chuckled, as she was giggling from under the pillow. 


“Oh, please o mighty God of Mischief, what will yo-” She wasn’t even finished when she saw the look he had on his face. “-no. No, Loki, please n-” She was now screaming in laughter, basically being heard throughout half the town as he tickled her. 


“Stop resisting, you know it’s no use-” He laughed with her. Just then, unaware that she had company, Valkyrie, the current leader of the Asgardians walked into her house. 


“Aurora? Are you awake ye-” She pushed the door open, and heard her scream out. She pulled a dagger out and slowly walked in, and when she saw her sprung on the bed and Loki all over her, tickling her she just facepalmed. 


“AHEM.” Her voice beamed and the two got startled. “If you’re done with your daily dose of shenanigans, perhaps you’re going to come and do some o I don’t know royal duties next?” She spoke firmly. Loki got up and smiled at her. 


“Well hello there.” He bowed to her. “Sincerest apologies my queen, I shall get back to my daily duties momentarily.” He smirked and turned to Aurora. “This is not over.” He leaned in and kissed her and then dashed out, dragging Valkyrie with. 


Aurora just stood up and blinked. “O-kay, sure I’ll just clean this mess up myself, no problem-” She commented as she threw the pillows back on her bed. Pretty soon, she made herself presentable and went outside to catch some fresh air and see if she could help with anything for the day. 


“Morning.” She spoke to a little girl passing by. “Doing anything fun today?” She asked her. 


“Hello, yes mother and I are going to tend to the orchard today.” The little girl waved as she bounced off to it. Aurora just smiled at the sight. 

“Ah, I wish I could be as care-free…” She sighed. She was standing at an edge of a cliff, staring at waves smash into it below. She then sat down and sprung her legs up front, where the wind would cover them. 


“So, what’s your plan for today?” Someone startled her. It was Valkyrie. 


“Oh, nice of you to almost make me drop down, literally.” Aurora half-joked and got up. “Nothing much, you?” She asked. 


“Honestly, I think I got a week’s worth of work done. I think I’ll take a day off. Wanna go see what Korg’s up to?” Valkyrie asked as she started walking down a path. 


“Oh, no you go on. He’s probably still playing that ridiculous game.” Aurora laughed. “Tell him if that boy bothers him again, he should call me.” She added. 


“Will do.” Valkyrie walked away, leaving Aurora alone. 


After a while of sitting at the cliff edge, Aurora decided it was time to go do something a tad more productive for the day, but as she got up she got so dizzy that she slipped and ended up hanging onto the cliff’s edge. 


“Help-” She let out a weak cry. “Someone...please-” She was almost out cold, and her grip loosened on the rocks, making her start falling, but a hand grabbed her and that is the last she could remember. 


She woke up a few hours later, in her hut. Loki was there, and so was Thor. 


“What...happened?” She opened her eyes slowly as she spoke. Loki’s face lit up at the sound of her voice. 


“Aurora? Thank Gods!” He hugged her as she slowly rose up. 


“Easy...everything’s still spinning…” She spoke, as she held onto him. “Who...or what saved me?” She asked looking at the two. 


“That would be me.” Thor smiled. “Welcome back, you were missed.” He added. 


“Y-you? But how, you weren’t even there-” She was confused, and then she remembered the hand she saw grabbing her before blacking out. 


“I was flying back from New York and was about to land on the cliff’s edge when I saw you hanging onto it. When you slipped off, I grabbed you and put you on the ground.” Thor explained. “Now, what happened?” He asked her. 


“I..have no idea.” She seemed scared and confused. “One minute, I was sitting all dandy and the next thing I know I get up and everything was spinning.” She spoke. “Then, I slipped off the edge and almost fell-” She paused, tearing up. Loki just put her head on his shoulder. 


“It’s alright…” He stroked her hair to calm her down. 


“I shall return really fast. I need to check in with Valkyrie. Loki, you stay here alright?” Thor said. 


“Of course.” Loki nodded, and Thor was off. As he left, Aurora raised her head, facing Loki. 


“I’m sorry, all I do to you guys is scare you to death.” She spoke, wiping tears. 


“It’s alright. You’ll be fine, I know that.” He smiled at her and pecked her. She accepted the peck and kissed him fully. 


“Thank you.” She smiled at him. “If anyone else had me, by now they would’ve given up and just ditched me.” She added. 


“Why would they do that to such a beautiful, smart being?” Loki grinned and she blushed. 


“Would you mind giving me some alone time?” She asked, to which he raised an eyebrow. 


“Alone time? Are you certain?” He asked. 


“I’ll be fine, I just need a moment. Or an hour.” She sighed. He pecked her forehead and got up. 


“Alright, as you wish, princess of Asgard.” He bowed down to her as he was leaving. 


“Why in the name of popsicles do you keep calling me that-” She grinned. 


“Well, let’s be honest, you’re halfway there.” He smirked and left her alone.


She just chuckled and slowly got up. She attempted walking around, to make sure she was stable and then sat back down. Another headache followed, only this time it wasn’t as bad. She wanted to know what the headaches were from, but she didn’t know how to find that out. She lied down on her bed and for a second closed her eyes. In that span of a few seconds, something appeared before her. It seemed like she was thrust into a vision of sort and she saw a part of the galaxy unknown to her. She saw planets she’s never heard of, one in particular that looked like it was being sucked out of all life on it. Something shone on that planet, making her open her eyes and jump up. She was still alone in the hut, so she just got up and ran out for some air. 


“What the heck was that…” She stood out and stared at the sky above her. It was night, so all the stars were out and visible on the darkened night sky. “Was that a planet?” She asked herself. 


Loki was headed back to see her and saw her standing outside. 


“What are you doing out here?” He approached her. She just slowly backed away. 


“I’m fine...I just...leave me alone for a bit.” She asked, to which he stared at her weirdly. 


“Did I not just do that-” He asked. “What is happening?” He continued. 


She didn’t know whether to tell him or not. They’d barely been back since the interdimensional travel, and she didn’t want to throw them into another senseless adventure unnecessarily. 


“Nothing, I just...I need to rest.” She walked away and entered in her hut, locking it. He just stood outside, confused on what just happened. 


“Brother, why are you out here?” Thor startled him as he made his way back to the hut. 


“She locked the door.” Loki spoke. “Something is going on brother, and I sense it is something bad. She insists on not telling me.” He added.


“Maybe give her some space until tomorrow-” Thor wasn’t even done when she ran back out to the two. 


“Whoa, whoa-” Loki grabbed hold of her. “What happened?” He asked. 


“The planet, it’s being consumed by something and I can feel it.” Aurora blurted out. 


“I beg your pardon?” Loki raised an eyebrow. 


“Aurora, let’s just all sit down and you can tell us everything alright?” Thor walked her back in along with Loki and when they sat down she told them about the weird vision. 


“A planet? Strange.” Thor spoke, raising an eyebrow. “I do have someone that can help us make sure whether this is real or not.” He added. “Give me a second.” He stood up and left again, but this time Aurora followed. Loki followed as well, as Thor led them to Valkyrie’s hut. 


“Valkyrie, we need your-” He opened the door and saw her snoring on a couch. “Right, ahem… Valkyrie!” He yelled, and she jumped up. 


“Yes...I’m awake wh-oh, greetings ex-king.” She grinned. “What can I do for you three this fine evening?” She asked. 


“You were drinking again weren’t you?” Loki asked as he saw a bottle of beer near her. 


“I promise it was just one bottle, and I drank it while watching this thing you Earth people call late night TV.” She spoke, pointing to the only part-Earthling in the room. “Now, again, what the heck are you all doing in my hut?” She asked. 


“We need the communication device.” Thor spoke. 


“What? No way, you broke it last time genius, I barely fixed it, if someone’s gonna use it it is me...or either of those two.” She spoke as she got up. “Everyone except him, follow me.” She added. 


“But I’m the one who came up with this idea, they don’t even know who to call!” Thor yelled. 


“Really?” Valkyrie turned to him. “Fine, but do not touch anything.” She turned to him with one of her daggers. “I mean it, your greatness.” She pointed it to him. He just grinned and nodded. 


She opened a secret compartment of her bedroom with some Stark tech placed there. Thor told her who they were going for, and when their faces came up on the holo-screen, Loki was shocked and Aurora had no idea who they were. Valkyrie was at a loss for words. 


“You called them?” She pointed. 


“Hey, hey lady - we are not them. We have names and I for one would appreciate you using them.” A very loud voice spoke. 


“Rocket, would you please for once in your life just keep your mouth shut-” The human among them, Peter Quill spoke. 


“Hello, Thor. Just to remind you, we’re still betting on who’s the better leader.” Peter blurted out and Loki just slowly facepalmed. 


“This is who you chose over our people? Why am I not surprised.” He muttered. 


“Shut up Loki.” Thor nudged him and turned his attention to the Guardians. “Listen, Quill, we need your help. You are our eyes up there, and we need you to check something.” Thor spoke. “She’ll tell you what.” He presented Aurora to them, who was still amazed at Rocket and Groot. 


“Hi. Your tree friend is really cute.” She blurted out. “I’m Aurora...friend of theirs. I saw something...a vision of a planet being basically eaten by something. I couldn’t tell what all I know is that whatever it’s going through I can feel.” She explained. 


“I am Groot.” Groot suddenly spoke. 


“He says he believes you, and thanks you for calling him cute.” Rocket translated. 


“Aw, you’re welcome. Also is his name...I mean is your name Groot?”


Groot just nodded, smiling. 


“Alright, so any heading you can give us sweet cheeks or?” Quill blurted out. Loki just twitched an eye to that. 


“Haha, thanks, I needed that.” Aurora giggled. “And, sadly no. I didn’t exactly get a road map in that three-second view of it.” She added. 


“So, let me get this straight-” Rocket hopped off his chair and glued himself on the screen “-you are sending us to check out a planet, which can literally be anywhere in this galaxy and literally can look in any possible way? Well, not like the universe has millions of those right?” He spoke. Aurora just sighed. 


“Look, it wasn’t my idea to call you guys, Thor did. I am glad I’ve met you, and I am sorry that this is all I have. Really.” She sighed again. 


“Don’t mind him, he’s always blabbering.” Gamora spoke out. “I’m Gamora by the way, that back there is my sister Nebula.” She pointed to the blue lady in the back. 


“Greetings.” She slowly waved. “Drax, will you kindly not squeeze my vital organs into the walls?” She turned to Drax. 


“Sorry, I’ll just sit somewhere else.” He moved to a different spot. 


“Right, so guys we doing this or what?” Peter turned to everyone on his end. 


“Hell yeah, we are Quill! We haven’t gotten a decent slice of a mission in months!” Rocket beamed. “Don’t worry, I tend to overdo it, we’ll help.” He then winked to Aurora. 


“Did the raccoon just wink at her?” Loki raised an eyebrow. 


“FINALLY SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT I AM-” Rocket was heard yelling after hearing Loki speak and then he realized something. “Hang on, Thor? Isn’t this the guy who was in that cell when-” He gestured with his hands, showing two figures sneaking past something. 


“Wait, what?” Loki turned to Thor. “Is he suggesting what I think he’s suggesting?” He raised an eyebrow.


“It’s not what you think-” Thor quickly stopped Rocket’s hand signs. “Back then I thought you were dead, and we were trying to find a way to bring everyone back which required us going to a certain period of time. You were there, but you didn’t notice us.” Thor spoke. Loki just raised an eyebrow. 


“I was there? But how I-” He then turned to Rocket. “Please don’t tell me you two were time- traveling.” He asked. 


“Yeah, and pretty boy over here wanted to talk to ya. Good thing I was his voice of reason, that would’ve ruined everything.” Rocket spoke. 


“I-” Loki turned to Thor. “You truly are an imbecile.” He spoke in a low tone. “Have you any idea what the slightest error could cause to the fabric of space and time? You could’ve wiped all of us out.” Loki told him. 


“Why did this suddenly turn into a blame fest for Thor?” Peter asked. 


“I agree, were we not asking them for help-” Valkyrie spoke. Just then, Rocket noticed her. 


“Hello-” He smiled. “Who is this hot potato?” He asked. 


“You are speaking to the new ruler of New Asgard. Consider yourself lucky you’re not here otherwise you would’ve been smacked on a wall by now.” She spoke. Rocket just gulped. 


“Remind me to never get her pissed off.” He whispered. Groot just laughed. 


They ended the call with the Guardians and headed out of Valkyrie’s house. 


“Will they be able to call us back?” Aurora asked the brothers. 


“I should hope so.” Thor replied. “Now, why don’t you go rest.” He smiled and hugged her. 


“Oh no, you are not dissing me that easily big guy.” She grinned. “I can’t sleep even if I wanted to.” She added in a more serious manner. 


“So what will you do then?” Loki asked her. 


“Anyone fancy some Mario Kart?” She chuckled. 


“Mario what now?” Thor raised an eyebrow. “Oh, you’re speaking of Korg’s games...well, if he’s not too busy trashing that child…” He shrugged. 


“Loki, you’ll make a great Luigi, just saying.” Aurora laughed. 


“Something’s telling me I am going to deeply regret this, but fine. I’m in.” He grinned at the two. 


“Yes! Get ready to get your butts whooped!” Aurora laughed and ran ahead. 


“She certainly has a wild and competitive spirit-” Thor chuckled. 


“So do you, and that’s what I’m afraid of.” Loki laughed a bit. 


The two followed her to Korg’s place who was more than happy to let them play for a bit. 


She was having a lot of fun, teaching Loki how to use a console and the controllers, and of course, she won five out of ten rounds. The other five were actually Loki’s wins against Thor. 


After that, the three separated and each went to rest. Meanwhile, the Guardians up in space actually found something. 


“She was right folks, we do have something strange going on.” Peter spoke as he looked at some scans. 


“So, who’s checking that sector out?” Drax asked. 


“Gamora, Nebula you take that. Rocket and Groot take the other, and Drax you’re with me.” Peter spoke. “Fair split?” He asked. 


“Fair enough.” Gamora smiled. “Alright, Nebula up you go, we need to hurry.” She and her sister stepped out in a pod and left. Rocket and Groot did the same. 


“Be careful out there.” Peter sent them off and then flew past them and into the sector he chose for him to check out. 


None of them knew it yet, but they all just got themselves into another big mess and what is more, it had more to do with Aurora, who was yet to discover a lot about herself, secrets kept untold her entire life. 


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