The End

The end of the world had come. All that's is left is a few villagers living in a polluted pond. Will they survive our has the earth come to an end.

1. The end

The whole planet has been completely covered with smog. First to die were the birds and other creatures in the sky. Then land animals started to be affected. A strange disease was going around causing humans to die slowly but surely. The humans born were smaller and smaller. Until my generation where we are only 3 inches tall. We also mutated even further. Since our bodies aren't fertile enough to carry children we now lay eggs. Since males cant fertilize the eggs anymore we have to use the fruit of the life tree.

 There are only small communities of humans left. We have found a safe haven from the smog. A beautiful pond where we can lay our eggs and raise the next generation. I have been nominated leader of this village. Other villages have taken root in other fertile ponds. 

 We faced a large problem. A giant mutated frog was living in our pond. He had developed teeth but his movement was slowed. His tongue was much longer than what used to be the average frog and the people were scared. We made a deal. One fruit per person and he wouldn't eat any of us.

 We have been living in the pond community for ten years, but the smog caught up to us. Soon the small fruit trees died. The pond polluted leaving only the tiniest fish. The frog angry, because of no tributes. He stayed underground for about a year since he still had food to live off of giving us time to treat the people who had picked up the disease, but soon the food ran out. 

 He came out from underground the people feeble from getting no food. The eggs weren't hatching, because the life tree was dying it only bared one fruit enough for one child. 

 Everyday five people were, eaten a truly tortuous death. The population sharply declined to forty people due to the disease combined with the frog,  and we are all desperate for the eggs to hatch. 

 Soon the last person had been eaten. I was the only one left. I ran to the egg hut took a fruit from the life tree and a single egg and ran. I ran as fast as I could until i had made distance between me and the frog. I birthed the egg. It was the only ray of hope i had left in the world. A beautiful baby girl. 

 I ran her in my arms. I was barely able to give her any milk due to the small fruit and berries i was living on. I moved about three miles a day. Which was a large amount considering my small height. All the other pond communities were devastated like my home. I saw people haggling for shelter in exchange of small fish. Mutated frogs running wild picking off children one by one. I knew the baby I was holding was my only hope.

 I found a small deserted forest. I used it for food and shelter. I lived here in peace until what was a baby is now a ten-year-old girl. I knew it was time to send her away. these past nine years after I settled down I built a rocket. This would take her to a fertile planet I found. I gave her the last seeds of the life tree from the fruit I birthed her from. I told her what she needed to do. Lay eggs on the new planet. Plant the life tree, fertilize them, and rebuild humanity. The last part i begged her. Please please please don't let them ruin this one. For this may be our last chance. Then i launched her away. I would've gone with her, but the materials for that rocket to make it so far in a year and the food i had to supply i couldn't make one for two. I had contracted the disease anyway and would die in a matter of days.

 This is the day I die. my lungs can no longer work and my body is paralyzed. All i have left is the glimmer i hope from the child i saved and raised as my own. Though i would've liked her to b with me in my dying moments. I know that is a selfish wish. The light begins to fade. The last thing I though is " I hope."


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