Hero and Villain. Worlds apart.

"This is my story. Do you even care about me anymore?"
Sylvar Locket is a lightning mage in the mage squad. He is a powerful mage with a lot of talent but something happened to him. Sylvar is now turned to the evil and is spreading fear over the lands. Many of his former comrades died to him and many of them fear him. A lot of them hunt him.


5. second match.

"Let's do this, Alex," Kaori said. Alex nodded.

Alex was a short boy with brown hair. The hair has two hairlines going down lining up with his cheeks. They are braided. He got brown eyes too. He walks around in a white shirt with a black motif on the front formed as one of the music nodes. He got a pair of black jeans on and two normal white shoes. He walks around with a staff. The staff is a long golden staff with that of a harp at the end of it. The strings are glowing red. 

"Y-yes," Alex said.

Kaori was a tall woman with purple hair. The hair is set into a long braid going around her neck resting down the front of her body. She walks around in a white t-shirt with a black cropped jacket over it. She got wide-sleeved blue jeans on and walk around in sandals. She got a necklace on wit ha few purple gems in it. Her eyes are that of a sea blue. She wields a scabbard by her side and in it is a long thin katana.

"That right there is Alex Hor...He is a weak mage but don't let it fool you. He got a powerful magical item. His family work with magical items." Rosefelia said. Sylvar nodded:
"I don't know the girl tho," Rosefelia said. I looked at Kaori who grabbed the hilt of her katana.

"The next one over there is Liza Lerium. She is a  powerful mage. I heard she has powerful magic but I don't know what it is." Rosefelia said.

Liza got brown hair with a few blond lines through it. It's short and a bit curly. She doesn't wear a shirt but only got a bandaged chest. She has a good amount of muscle. She got a pair of blue loose pants on stuck to her hip with a white cloth used as a belt. She got bare feet too.

"That person I don't know either but his aura is...Curious." Rosefelia said. Sylvar nodded.

Zack got black hair covering his right eye. He got a cowboy hat on covering his right eye too tilted over his head. He got a brown shirt on with a black long-coat over it. He got a pair of brown pants on with long brown boots too. He got a scabbard at his side wit ha gun in it. 

"Zack Shortburn. What do you use." Rosefelia said. Zack stood up into the ring with Liza at his side:
"Let the battle commence..." Felix said:
"Let's go, Alex!" Kaori shouted as she ran forward:
"You get the boy. I take the girl." Liza said. Zack nodded and grabbed his gun. Liza ran forward:
"Planetary magic! Sunder!" Liza shouted as she stomped the ground. The whole ground shook and broke apart as rocks shot up the ground at Kaori. Kaori dodged them with quick movements. She grabbed her sword tightly:
"Take this!" Zack shouted as he pointed his gun forward. He shot the gun as bullets flew through the air:
"Bullet magic. Ignition!" Zack shouted as the bullet erupted in fire. The bullet flew forward:
"I got y-you!" Alex shouted as he moved his hand forward:
"Fire magic. Single bullet..." Alex said as a small fire bullet ignited in front of him:
"And now, magic item...Apollo's harp!" Alex shouted as he ran his fingers over the harp. The small fire bullet erupted into a giant motel fireball and flew forward with incredible speed. The ball hit into the bullet and broke it apart. Alex stapped the ground with the staff and began playing the harp rapidly. The molten ball spread into small missiles and flew around Zack. Zack placed his hand up against the hammer of the revolver:
"Here goes...Bullet magic. Rapid-fire technique-" Zack said as he moved his hand up:
"Fan the hammer!" Zack shouted as he slammed his hand to the hammer as he shot. The bullets flew out of his gun in like a swarm. The bullets became a swarm and flew around him like a shield:
"Bullet magic. The magic to control bullets themselves. It's a special form of magic which needs a lot of gear to function. First, they need a special gun. The gun when shooting a projectile leaves a mark of the user's mana signature on the bullet. That mana signature stays on the bullet and makes the user able to control them. But it isn't pure magic they can control. It's a special form of gunpowder combined with magic. It's a useless power if you don't have that gun." Rosefelia said:
"Then we got planetary magic. Able to control the landscape and forces of nature in an area around the person. As long as you have direct contact with it." Sylvar said:
"Correct. Then we got Alex weapon. Alex uses magical items a lot. That is his own creation. That is apollo's harp. It's a power that allows him to control and empower fire as long as he plays the harp itself." Rosefelia said:
"Then there is her," Micahel said. He looked at Kaori who was dodging the endless earth attacks from Liza:
"I don't know her magic," Rosefelia said. Kaori smiled as she got past the attack. She ran with the body low to the ground. She grabbed her katana:
"Planetary magic. Rockwall!" Liza shouted stomping the ground. The wall came up in front of her. You saw Kaori whisper something under her breath and then draw her sword. She then slammed her sword into the wall. Silence followed and then. Liza was slashed from behind. Liza fell forward. Zack took a step back:
"One of them is knocked out...Let's end it here." Felix said:
"What was that?!" Michael shouted:
"Kaori...Got a special form of magic which usually is useless but she found a dangerous way to use it. VIbration magic..." Salom said:
"You know her?" Rosefelia asked:
"Yeah...Kaori is a strong sword fighter. We came from the same village. Kaori uses the vibration her sword make to slash people. The vibrations in the air after her sword hit the stone wall went around the wall and slashed Liza's back." Salom said.  Kaori swung her blade around and then sheeted it into her scabbard:
"The winners are those still standing..." Felix said:
"I must say you all did well. Sad with the slip at the last moment." Lea said:
"Amazing work tho!" Vivian shouted:
"The last contestants step into the ring. Sylvar Locket. Rosefelia Enix up against Rebeca Gray and Jenny Ymir." Vivian said:
"Last fight of the day." Lea said:
"It is time." Sylvar said as he stepped forward:
"Don't hold me back." Rosefelia said:
"I will try." Sylvar said with a warm smile. The last fight was about to begin. 

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