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1. Freshman Year

Olivia's POV:

"OLIVIA! You're gonna be later for class again. Girl, wake up!", my mom shouted at me for the 4th consecutive day in a row.

I sprung out of my dream, sitting up abruptly and sighing.

"Ugh do I really need an education?" I thought to myself. I ask myself this every morning. Should I go back to sleep or get up and go to school? Sleep seems like a better option but my mom would never allow that. She cares so much about my education; she wants me to succeed and get an education like the one she wished she had back in her home country. Without her, I wouldn't get much done so I'm so grateful for my mother, although sometimes she gets on my nerves.

I walked to the bathroom, snail speed, and began getting ready for my day. Another day will be spent at college, where you're supposed to "have the best days of your life". 2 months into freshman year and it already feels like I've been there for a lifetime. One hour later I'm ready to head out the door, preparing for my one hour and fifteen minute ride to school; yay New York City transit system, here I come.

I speed walk across campus, wondering if I can make it to class in two minutes. I've been late to Anthropology before and it's not fun. Once class begins and the professor is interrupted, she stops and gives you the death stare for at least five seconds, sighs and begins speaking again. Definitely not a situation I want to be in again; I have way too much anxiety for that. I begin running when i see its 9:13 am, two minutes before class starts.

"I can do this. I can do this" I repeat to myself, fully knowing that I'm gonna be sweaty and panting loudly when I step foot in the lecture hall.

I make it to the door at exactly 9:15 and I still hear the sound of loud chatter, thank God the professor didn't start teaching yet.

After sitting for what seemed like two hours, staring at the professor babbling on about the evolution of the human body, I finally give in and checked my phone. I promised myself that starting this week I would be a better student and start paying attention more in school... that did not last long. I pull my phone out of my bag to see its only 10:05. "You've got to be kidding me" I whispered out loud. Another 55 minutes of this class, great.

"It's been a whole 50 minutes since I checked my phone so I deserve an Instagram break", I thought to myself. I opened the app and there I see a new friend request pop up. My follower requests went from 193 to 194. Usually the creepiest and weirdest people request me but sometimes if I'm lucky, it's a cute boy. I opened the list and the first name I saw was Xavier._m. "That's a cute name and oh hey, his profile picture looks cute!" I thought to myself. I quickly clicked the confirm and follow button because I was not planning to miss out on this cutie.

After 3 minutes of constantly checking to see if he accepted my follower request, I decided it's time for me to give up and pay attention to the professor again. Missing 10 minutes in college literally can cost me a few answers on my final exam.

4:30 pm:

I jumped on my bed and laid on my back, staring up at the ceiling. Yes, this is what I've been waiting for all day. "I'm so happy that I can finally nap", I thought to myself. On most days after school I take a nap because I'm honestly obsessed with sleeping and for me to lose sleep for someone must mean that they're really special.

After I set my alarm for 7:00, I clicked the Instagram app so I can scroll through my timeline and look at pictures of beautiful girls that make me feel horrible about myself. Daily Olivia activities. When I clicked my feed, the first picture I saw gave me butterflies in my stomach because the guy was so cute and captivating, I've never felt such an instant attraction before. Xavier._m posted the picture, "OMG he accepted my request and damn he's so hot". I'm drooling.

Authors Note:

Hey Guys !! Thanks for reading my first chapter. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please vote and comment so I know whether you guys like my book or not! If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to give them. 5 votes for an update!!

Thanks for reading ahhh

- Tiffany

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