3 Stitches

After her mother's unexpected suicide because of a messy divorce Cora Veil is thrown into the arms of her uncle ,Tom Viel. She wishes she could stay with her father but as he is a schizophrenic she is unable to so packs her stuff up to move to the tiny town of Killybegs in west Ireland. At first her uncles home seems like a palace but when she discovers it was once an all girls private school that partially burnt down in 1978 she finds it a little more eerie.
Her three cousins are especially odd firstly there's Jack veil , tall dark and handsome much like his father but is stranger as he barely speaks and only does when to argue with his father. Then there's Masie whos rather gothic for her age and lastly there's Patsy or as she likes to be known as Pumpkin because of her orange hair who is sadly deaf and never tries to speak , but only does when speaking to her invisible friends. When Cora catches sight of one of Pumpkins invisible friends she realizes there may be more to them.


2. "I didn't even know I had a uncle."

"I didn't even know I had a uncle."

August 15th 2017


​My knees don't fit under this desk , mum had the same problem. 

We were all tall in my family but I was the only one to be an example of that , or so I thought. 

I was sitting in the police stations main office waiting for my social worker , I hadn't seen her since she had spoken to me when I was about eleven when dad had first shown symptoms of schizophrenia, which we later discovered he most definitely had.

I squased myself up even more as I heard the clickety clack of her heels outside of the office , I knew she would still be wearing them even after all this time. The door opened and Camilla my social worker strutted through her eyes almost seemed to plead with me for the security she knew she couldn't truly give me.

"Cora , I'm so.." she began almost taking her seat in front of me

"Sorry that's what everyone keeps saying , the police officers , the woman we live next door to ...and you. The truth is it's nobody's fault." I told her gloomily tears streaming down my face , I had been crying so much for the past three days that my eyebags had stayed red with the restlessness I suffered from.

​"The neighbour didn't even really like my mum  that much , but she was still ...sorry." I muttered

Camilla shook her head wiping away a tear of her own as she sat down taking my hand in hers and placing it on the desk.

"I think I know where you can go. Where I can put you after. This." She stated

"After my mum.." I began but realised I couldn't say it instead a small tear rolled down my left cheek making it rosy in color but not in its context. 

"You have an uncle , his name is Tom Veil." she said taking out a cigarette and lighter 

"I have an uncle?"

"Yes , he lives in Ireland .Last time he saw you once on your fourth birthday." she explained rubbing my hands before  lighting the cigarette.

"I didn't even know I had an uncle."

"Well you do , you leave tomorrow he'll take good care of you don't you worry" she said almost sobbing and letting go of my hand and walking out of the office almost bursting into tears , she was handling the incident worse than me.

I could barely stand talking about it myself but atleast i didnt cry when everyone was looking. 

As soon as she closed the door behind her i let go of my conscience , telling me to stay strong , telling me to relax .

"How can I?" I cried out , ​How can I when I have seen her face , and what she had done to herself.


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